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Cafe World: Become A Fan And Serve Super Sliders!

On Monday October 26th, Zynga announced it’s new Super Sliders Event, being that once Cafe World reaches 1,000,000 fans, they will introduce a new Super Sliders menu option into the game.

Surprisingly, with over 26 million players, they have only just surpassed the 1/2 million mark, with 515,169 as of this posting. This could be due to the fact the announcement was made ON the fan page!

Zynga is obviously hoping for some viral assistance, so let’s give it to them and share this post with your friends

So what exactly are Super Sliders? Here is Cafe World‘s update from Monday for more details:

Café World We here at Café World adore all of our dedicated fans! To show our appreciation we’ve got something special cooking on the back burner for all of you. Once Café World’s Official Fan page hits 1,000,000 fans we’re going to roll out our “Super Sliders” event. Stop by our forums to learn more about what Super Sliders are, and get your friends to become fans to get them soon!
October 26 at 6:58pm

So hang up your apron, turn the stoves off, and hang up your “Closed” sign and go head over to and become a fan now!


Bejeweled Blitz: How To Score BIG For A Laptop

One of my favorite games on Facebook is PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz. With only a 1 minute timer, it turns your regular run of the mill gem swapping game into a great personal challenge!

You are able to play against friends and family, without having to send invites or recruit for a crew. Anyone on your friends list who has accessed the Bejeweled Blitz application, will automatically appear on your scoreboard.

Pop Cap also includes a very generous weekly contest that combines all of your friends scores into a team total, and gives you 1 contest draw entry each Tuesday morning based on your team total.

Your draw entry will fall into one of four different prize levels, ranging from a free Pop Cap all the way up to a free Pop Cap Laptop! Qualifying for the laptop entry should be fairly easy if you have a few friends that play at least once weekly. Only 1 million points between you and your friends is required, and with the newest version of Bejeweled Blitz cranking out some huge scores, it’s a snap.

How To Score Big:

I’ve seen rumblings about all the higher scorers being cheaters. Well I can confirm that I am not a cheater and I play a fairly decent game. Here’s a recent score of mine:



That’s not to say that there are not cheaters out there – there is unfortunately in any game, but if you follow these 6 tips provided by the Bejeweled Blitz team, you can score nicely:

1. Try to keep your speed bonus up at all times. With a maxed-out speed bonus every move is worth 1250 points!

2. Multiplier gems apply not only to matches, but also to your current speed bonus. For example, with a x3 multiplier, each match made with a full speed bonus would be worth 3750 points. So once you’ve established a respectable multiplier, maintaining your speed bonus is extremely valuable.

3. Keep an eye out for bigger matches. Look for the opportunity to match 4 or 5 gems. This will create Hypercubes, Flame and Star Gems. These special pieces are instrumental in creating large explosions, which will earn you lots of points, more chances at extra Multiplier Gems and will help mix up the board, potentially making it easier to find new matches. Lost opportunities mean lost points.

4. Matches made lower on the board are more likely to generate cascades. If you’re finding it hard to make matches lower on the board, try creating and using a Hypercube or Star Gem.

5. When you earn a Hypercube, don’t waste it on the first color you see. Try to use it to on the color with the most gems on the screen. Or if you have any multiplier gems on the screen, consider matching it to the color of that gem.

6. The score chart provided on the Game Over screen is a great place to discover strategies of your own. Make sure you take the time to review this chart for your highest scoring games to learn the secrets of your own success.

Do you score well in Bejeweled Blitz?
Go ahead and brag about your best score below!


Facebook Wins $711 Million Judgement Against Spammer Sanford Wallace

Although they are not likely to ever collect the full amount, Facebook today was awarded a $711 million dollar judgment against “spam king” Sanford Wallace. The San Jose California federal court judge also referred the Wallace case over to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, requesting that he also be prosecuted for criminal contempt. If found guilty, Wallace will be also facing jail time.

This case stems from a March 2009 restraining order against not only Sanford Wallace, but Adam Arzoomanian and Scott Shaw as well, for sending unwanted messages and wall posts to people on Facebook. Wallace reportedly gain unauthorized access to Facebook accounts and proceeded to send phony Wall posts and status updates. In the United States, this violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the California Anti-Phishing Act and the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CAN-SPAM).

This is not Facebook’s first victory against spammers. In November 2008 they were awarded an $873 million judgment made against Adam Guerbuez and Atlantis Blue Capital for sending some pretty sleazy messages to people via Facebook. To date, this is the largest judgment ever for an action brought under CAN-SPAM.

According to Sam O’Rourke of the Facebook legal team:

In addition to our dedicated legal team, Facebook also has security experts and engineers focused on the integrity of the site. We’re continuing to build systems to prevent and respond to spam attacks. Our User Operations team also works around the clock to identify problems and assist people who’ve been affected.

Is your account safe and secure? We of course always recommend you keep your passwords unique, not only for Facebook, but for any account a password is required. You may want to consider using a password encryption program, such as RoboForm.

Now, if only Facebook would be nice, and share what they collect with the people who were spammed….Not likely, but a nice thought


Vampire Wars: Risk vs Reward of Mandy And Akem

Are you a Vampire Wars fan? If so, we’ve got two elders, Mandy and Akem, who betting that you will want to gamble for the chance of winning some rewards. Let’s check them out…

Mandy’s Wheel

Is a bit of blood worth winning energy, rage (a good thing to have) or experience? You bet it is! Blood Magic is Mandy’s specialty.

Dare you gamble on a spin of Mandy’s Wheel? She requires payment in blood. Beware the Witch’s Curse. Once every four hours you can spin the Wheel and hope that Mandy will choose to reward you. If you win a reward, she will reward others in your clan at random. If you get cursed, only you will suffer.

Have you often wondered how to spin more often? In a word, bribery. Mandy will take 15 favor points and half the normal blood payment as a bribe to let you spin as often as you wish. As a reward for the bribe, Mandy will not curse you so there will only be good things that come from that spin. The curse will cost you blood to fight the damage but the good news is that only the blood on hand is affected.

Most of the time the gift is beneficial such as energy, rage (a good thing) or experience but it is a gamble. The odd time, Mandy will curse you so beware!

Keep your eye out for Blood Magic that will appear right beside your level number. This happens if you have an active clan and they are spinning the wheel. To see what you have and for how long, click on it when it appears and you will be taken to the Active Magic.

Gaming Tip!
Is your browser lagging when you play Vampire Wars? If you are using Internet Explorer, change to a faster browser for your game play. IE is a bulky and slow browser that isn’t very good for gaming. Using a lighter, faster browser such as Opera, Chrome or Firefox will help to ensure that you don’t lose fights because of browser lag.

Akem’s Gamble

Once a every 24 hours, Akem Manah gives you the opportunity to gamble on the chance that you may win rare and valuable abilities. It seems that Akem is susceptible to bribes and will let you spin more than once a day for a payment of 10 favor points.

In the Gamble, you are given three chests to choose from. In two are common abilities but there is one chest that holds something truly special. Take a gamble and fervently hope that you will win a treasure from the Crypt.

Akem looks favorably upon the faithful that risk a gamble every day. Treasures from the Crypt are bestowed upon those that play on multiple, consecutive days. Who knows what you might be rewarded with, you’ll have to play to discover these joys.


MouseHunt: They Are Back – Hollowhead Locations!

It’s that time of year again, and in good haunting fashion, the Hollowhead mice are on the loose, and they are dropping SuperBrie+!

Here is the official word from Dave Vanderburg:

Terror filled screeches have been heard from areas all around the Kingdom… these reports of spooky activity can only mean one thing — Hollowheads are running rampant!

The King’s researchers have noticed the Hollowheads concentrating their haunting efforts on one specific area in almost every region. Spread out and see if you can find where they are hiding.

Hollowhead mice tend to hoard any SUPER|brie+ cheese that they manage to steal. With a little luck you may catch one that was holding on to a piece or two.

Stay alert MouseHunters! Hollowhead mice love to trick traps and make off with your cheesy treats!

Happy Halloween Hunting!

We scrambled to find the locations for you all, and here is what we have:

Gnawnia Region – Harbour
Whisker Woods Region – Great Gnarled Tree
Burroughs Region – Bazaar
Furoma Region – Training Grounds
Bristle Woods Region – unknown if possible yet – will update asap
Rodentia – SS Huntington II
Tribal Isles – Cape Clawed

Catches are pouring in using a variety of traps and bait, but Swiss, Brie and Rockforth cheese seem to be working better.

Good luck everyone and Happy Hunting!


Ronza’s Rock’n Return: Goodies To Buy Or Not To Buy?

For all you MouseHunt players, unless you have been living under a rock the past week, you will be well aware that the much anticipated landing of Ronza has finally happened!

In fact, most of us were so eager to see her wares, we almost crashed not only her airship, but the HitGrab servers too! Our poor favorite devs had to ask us to please leave off clicking the map in order for her to land successfully.

Ronza’s arrival has brought tons of goodies, along with a hefty price tag on most of them. Here is a breakdown and TheFacebookInsider’s analysis of what you should consider buying with your MouseHunt gold.

HitGrab Rockin’ Horse:

The HitGrab Rockin’ Horse is the weakest of traps offered by Ronza this appearance. It’s closest competitor would be the Swiss Army Mouse Trap. In a side by side comparison, you can see the Rockin Horse has greater power, a better attraction rate, and a whopping increase in luck. It also requires significantly fewer points to obtain.




However, the price of the HitGrab Rockin’ Horse is twice as expensive as the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, making this a tough buy for most Novice players. When you consider that this trap won’t last you much further than the Harbour, unless you are looking to collect a Special Edition item, you may want to save your gold for the upcoming NVMRC Forcefield Trap.

On the flip side though, you could potentially eliminate the need for the NVMRC Forcefield Trap. While the HitGrab Rockin’ Horse may not perform well in the Calm Clearing, it will do a fantastic job in the Laboratory. The super increase in luck that this trap provides should have those much needed Radioactive Cheese Curd Potions raining down on you!

Conclusion: You won’t make a ton of gold with this offering but, you could save gold by skipping the need for the NVMRC Forcefield Trap and moving on to a specialized Tactical or Shadow traps a little sooner.

Magma Base:

This one is a no brainer – if you have the gold, buy it! I did, and am lovin’ it!

The Magma base is the most powerful base we have seen overall. While the Tribal base has a higher actual Power result when a high level trap is attached, if you are looking at all attributes combined, the Magma will out perform it.


Magma Base


The Magma base is also easily attained by players at mid level of play. With only 238,000 points required, compared to the 14,000,000 needed for the Tribal base, this one will last you for a significant length of time.

The only downfall of the Magma base is the insanely stale cheese effect. However, the overall price of a few more pieces of stale cheese will be easily compensated for with your increased catch and loot drop rate.

Conclusion: A No Brainer! Go get it

Giant Speaker:

At first glance the Giant Speaker is a much better trap than the Mutated Venus Mouse Trap or Zugzwang’s Last Move. It has a low point requirement, which will make it easily attainable by Master leveled players, and will perform nicely for those of you in the Great Gnarled Tree – especially for collecting Gnarled Cheese Potions!


Giant Speakers Trap


However, the price tag attached to this cool looking trap is in the range of a much higher player. Chances are you will have to sell off some SB+ in order to afford it. Is it worth it? Yes and no…

If you do not already own the Venus Mouse Trap, then this is definitely going to be one you will want to consider picking up. The Giant Speakers will outperform any tactical trap currently available. But, if you DO already own the VMT, you have already put a significant amount of gold into your Tactical arsenal, and should continue following that path.

1. If you do not have the VMT, then yes, go for it.
2. If you already own the VMT, save your gold.

Krakens’ Chaos

The Kraken’s Chaos is the most odd-balled offering Ronza has brought to date. It is the first Hydro weapon, and surprisingly, it is also has the lowest amount of luck. It also has a WHOPPING price tag of 860,000 gold. But, Ronza is well known for her extra lucky traps and bases, so what makes Kraken’s Chaos attractive? Simply….The Hydra Mouse…


Krakens Chaos


Anyone who has spent any time at all in the Lagoon, not only trying to catch that ever elusive Hydra, but to have her drop the Ship Blueprints as well, will know that having a Hydro weapon would have made all the difference. Until now, the 1st hydro weapon you had an opportunity to purchase was on the SS Huntington II – AFTER you already caught the Hydra or paid for the prints to build your ship. Now you can arm yourself in advance.

Kraken’s Chaos is also going to significantly out perform both the Net Cannon and the Harpoon Gun once you arrive on the ship. Over in the Tribal Isles, the Chaos again is going to give you an immediate boost to an Ancient Spear Gun comparable weapon, to catch those seashells in Elub Shores.

1. If you already have crafted the Ancient Spear Gun, don’t bother with Kraken’s Chaos, unless you are looking for an expensive novelty item.
2. If you do not have the Ancient Spear Gun, grab this one – if you can afford it…

That’s all hunters! Hope you find my opinions helpful and have good luck hunting!


Mafia Wars: Must Have Mafia Sniper Videos

We all know Mafia Wars is an awesome game, but the reason that it’s become so addictive is because you really need to think about what you are doing. You need to develop a good head for strategy if you want to get to the top with the best crime families.

It’s easy to get into the game of Mafia Wars, but once you’re inside, there is a whole new world that can be quite complex at times!

Here are 3 tips that you can follow to get off to a good start:

Size Matters:

Yes I am afraid it is true in this case. You need a big Mafia family to be able to provide the muscle for the fights and the jobs that you need to do. If you are a small family then you will not get anywhere. You will find that you lose battles and not really enjoy the game as much.

The Mafia Sniper Videos show you that inviting your Facebook and MySpace friends simply isn’t going to accomplish this. They delve into the tactics you need in order to grow properly.

Right Jobs:

It’s important in Mafia Wars to take the right jobs at the right time! You need to make sure you know what you are doing especially at the beginning because this is how you get ahead in the game.

Mafia Sniper shows you the exact jobs you should be taking in order to earn the best rewards – rewards to be used for …. well I can’t tell you. They wouldn’t like me giving away their game plan!

Godfather Points

This is the bread and butter of the game! You need Godfather points! You should try to get these anyway you can, but a word of warning, you do not need to spend cash, give away personal data or real money to get Godfather points!

Mafia Sniper shows you the best ways to do this and once you master them you will be able to make Godfather points with ease!

Just check out Chris’s site! You can see clearly he knows what he’s talking about and his videos are fabulous. So go ahead – go take a look at what’s included, and get up there with the serious dons!



Facebook: Password Reset Confirmation Email Virus

It’s amazing the lengths spammers, hackers and just down right nasty people will go through to spread a virus. There is yet another new one today, targeting users of Facebook. This one mimicks Facebooks’ Password Reset Confirmation email, and includes an attachment.

The email claims that this attachment contains your new password – but obviously does not. It contains Bredolab.

According to the Mx Lab email security firm:

“Bredolab is a trojan horse that downloads and executes files from the Internet, such as rogue anti-spyware. To bypass firewalls, it injects its own code into legitimate processes svchost.exe and explorer.exe. Bredolab contains anti-sandbox code (the trojan might quit itself when an external program investigates its actions).”

Obviously, if you did not request your Facebook password, simply delete the email. If you do ever require your password to be changed, keep in mind that no email from Facebook will ever contain an attachment – Nor will it ever contain your password.

To help save your passwords, without ever again having to remember them, we highly recommend using RoboForm. They have a free version and you will wonder how you ever lived without it once you start using it.

Keep your machines safe and clean! Click the Facebook Share button below to let your friends know too


Facebook: Incorrect “Status Update Tip” Floating Around

We have received dozens of comments and posts, both here, in our feeds, and on our Fan page, urging us to broadcast a “tip” about how to get your Facebook homepage back to the way it was before. Unfortunately, the information being spread around, is actually incorrect.

Here is the status tip circulating right now:

One of my friends just posted easy FB fix for everyone who is not happy with new layout. On the menu at the top left, click on the word MORE. Then drag STATUS UPDATES to the top, above NEWS FEED. After dragging to top, click on it. That becomes your default and HOME is like before. Please repost!

Firstly, nothing done is actually going to bring the old style homepage back. As much as many would like to see that happen, it most likely won’t. Facebook has not bent under pressure in the past when users disliked changes, and they are not likely to bend with this either. All we can do is deal with it and try to change settings to be more personally beneficial.

Secondly, all this tip does is change your feed to be status updates only. It does not auto-scroll with live content, nor does it contain anything BUT status updates. That means no videos, no links, no friend or family photos, no game updates; nothing except text from your friends. Text and text only.

If this is all you are interested in, then great! It’s a fabulous solution for you. It does eliminate all the annoying Bob just became a fan of “Wild Hot Sex” posts, but eliminates a ton of other info too…

If you see this post on your wall, kindly let people know it is not a valid solution. It may also be prudent not to pass it on to others, as the post demands.

To see how to edit your Group, Fan and Application Privacy:
Facebook: How To Edit Your Application Privacy
Facebook Now Controls & Picks Who You See Updates From – Fix It!
How To Set Your Facebook News Feed And Wall Settings


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