5 Mafia Wars Tips For A Kick Ass Start To Your Empire

It can be difficult to determine your priorities when you begin to play Mafia Wars. There are so many options that it can confuse and overwhelm you but, the game is such a runaway success because there is something to engage everyone. Early in the game, the speed with which you advance and succeed will be a major influence on the decisions that you make. If you determine your priorities from the start, building up your empire in Mafia Wars will be much faster.

The Basics

It is definitely a temptation to purchase a lot of vehicles, armour, and weapons as quickly as you can. After all, it stands to reason that if you have the biggest and baddest, then you are a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately that is not true. You’ll be able to acquire or find the necessary weapons and other equipment required for your jobs. When you start the game, you won’t need more than that and that frees up your money to buy other things.

Purchase Land

Land acquisition is the best way to put your money to use at first so buy all the land you can. Stockpile the land but don’t build on it until you have amassed a large enough mafia to be able to protect it. Owning that land gives you a flow of money unrelated to the money that you earn from your jobs. You will find that this helps a lot once you have equipment that requires you to pay upkeep.

Hold Your Temper in Check

Although it is tempting to fight every chance you get, hold off. There is plenty of time to fight later in the game when you have built up your empire and know that you can win the fight. Just because someone attacks you doesn’t mean that you have to fight. You can strike back later when you have amassed strength.

Hoard Your Godfather Points

Early in the game you will be tempted to get those tempting items with your Godfather points. It is a far better strategy to save up the points to use later in the game. As you progress, the Godfather points are not as easy to accumulate. They will be much more helpful if you save them up for later use.

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit!

The easiest and fastest way to get ahead in Mafia Wars is to build your empire to be the largest around. You can include a maximum of 500 people in your mafia. To build quickly, start recruiting people that you think will enjoy the game, even if they aren’t on your Friends list. You’ll be surprised with who accepts your offer.

In Mafia Wars there are many paths to success. Keep these tips in mind as you start building your mafia and you will find that your empire grows quickly.

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