Cafe World: Fastest Growing Social Media Game of All Time!

Zynga’s new Cafe World virtually exploded onto the Facebook scene a little over three weeks ago, and has attracted the attention of millions – 20 million users in fact since its’ launch, making it the fastest growing social media game of all time. These figures even surpass FarmVille, which has built its own staggering player base of 60 million people in just 4 months.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cafe World, it is a virtual food vending application for all you aspiring restaurateurs. Similar in nature to Playfish’s Restaurant City, it is definitely giving its competition a run for it’s money.

Certainly not down and out, Restaurant City gained a respectable 875,000 players this past week, and with pending rumors that game developing giant EA has purchased Playfish, it will be interesting to see how this match up develops in the coming months.

Are you one of the 20 million new Cafe World players? Let us know what you think of the game, by leaving a comment below, so we can continue to build our Cafe World tips and tricks category!

Until then, start serving up those Bacon Burgers and save some Chips and Guacamole for me!



5 Responses to “Cafe World: Fastest Growing Social Media Game of All Time!”
  1. Kim Crul says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that the Cafe World app on Facebook is awesome! There’s lots to do and I find it very entertaining. However, I do have a problem with my app constantly freezing! Sometimes it freezes so bad I can’t do anything else and have to restart my computer. Does anyone else have this problem with freezing or lagging? How can I fix it? Gets rather frustrating when you’re about to serve food or close to it, and end up with the food spoiling because the game has froze on you and you can’t get it back up in time! Happened too many times to me and I hope they can get it fixed asap because other than that, the game really is alot of fun!

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Have you tried using a different browser? IE is quite slow for many of these games. Firefox is much better, and Google Chrome is super speedy fast!

      • teresa says:

        i cant play cafe world on ie, mozilla, or chrome without it freezing. have windows 7, terribly frustrated. says my flashplayer isn’t responding in chrome. mozilla quits responding in cafe world and IE8, well forget ie 8….

  2. Helen says:

    yes ive too found this a problem,but I’m luvin cafe world…I dont get to spend that much time on it,but have to prepare food around my real job…in a cafe!!
    But isnt everything expensive?
    Also how do you earn the paper money(as apposed to coins) without spending your real money,???

  3. Carl says:

    Many people like Restaurant City better than Cafe World for one reason in my opinion. They can’t quite figure out how to be successful at CE. In short, Cafe World is more challenging than RC. I agree though, I’ve had freeze-ups as well. I think facebook’s servers must be running on timeshare or something. It even happens to me when just browsing facebook in general. I hope they add some juice to the program. All in all, I love the game though.
    .-= Carl´s last blog ..Cafe World Domination Secrets =-.


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