FarmVille: Dairy Farms, Flowers And Ummm… Turtles?

We suspected they were coming, so it is super to finally see not only usable buildings, but flowers you can harvest!

The Dairy Farm Barn

The first service building FarmVille has released is the new Dairy Farm. Players can now not only save space, but time when playing. Each Dairy Farm building is only 10,000 coins, and can hold up to 20 cows. And, since Zynga has been stingy on releasing farm expansions, the space saved by purchasing one of these is a definite bonus.

The best part about owning a Dairy Farm is how fast it makes collecting your milk. One click on your dairy barn and you are done! (Now if we could only do that with trees!) Your farm coffers will soon be filled with shiny coins earned from your white, chocolate and strawberry milk.

The only dislike we have on this new addition is the inability to rotate the building – or any building in the game for that matter. I find it a little strange we can rotate and move our animals around, yet buildings are all stuck facing the same way…

New Crops: Flowers!

After much speculation, flower seeds have finally arrived at your FarmVille Marketplace. There are 5 new varieties available in a wide coin price range.



Now we have the opportunity to make our farms even prettier. If only Zynga would allow us to expand them in order to fit these beauties! Regardless, we will be adding the flower stats to our FarmVille Harvesting Speadsheet, and make it downloadable shortly.

Hot Tip!!

Be on the lookout for wandering Turtles! Some seem to have gotten lost and may just wander onto your farm. Adopt one when you can and in 3 days… well, we are not yet sure what they “harvest” but we will keep you posted!



3 Responses to “FarmVille: Dairy Farms, Flowers And Ummm… Turtles?”
  1. jerry says:

    What happened to my neighbors on Roller Coaster World. I Still have my park with rides with no one to greet the visitors. I still have all me points and credits. There is something wrong with site.

  2. Umm its okay.


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