FarmVille: How To Help Neighbors Give Turtles A Home

FarmVille Turtles

FarmVille has been keeping things interesting, providing us with a variety of different and limited edition animals to adopt. The majority of these animals wander onto our neighbors farms, giving them the opportunity to post it to their Live Feed.

So far we have seen regular cows, brown cows, ugly ducklings, pink cows, black sheep and now turtles. Turtles by the way, hatch turtle eggs in 3 days, that can be sold for 86 coins.

Everyone wants these limited edition FarmVille critters! They usually pay more, and are a great way to make our farms look more unique. But wow, are they hard to grab or what?!

How many times have you clicked that box to give that wandering animal a new home, only to find out someone beat you to it….Maddening!!

Here is a little tip for those lucky enough to grab those hard-to-find turtles….

When you give an animal a home, leave it in your gift box for a little while. Do not place it onto your farm right away. By leaving it in your box, up to 8 people total will have the opportunity to adopt it, before everyone else starts receiving the “Sorry…” message.

So help spread FarmVille turtle eggs around – leave your newly adopted turtle inside for an hour or so and give others a chance to get one too

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3 Responses to “FarmVille: How To Help Neighbors Give Turtles A Home”
  1. Barb says:

    This also applies to the black kittens introduced today. Ready to harvest in 3 days, pays 86 coins — but I’m sure wondering what on earth you harvest from kittens (hairballs??).

  2. Janice Eppard says:

    I have been playing FarmVille by the rules and many of my neighbors I know don’t but I have several young friends on my neighbor list. One of them is 10 years old and she saw the 2 turtles I have on my farm and really wants one. She asked me about it and I would like to see her get one but the only way that I can find is the ‘cheating way’. I hope you will send a turtle my way some day very soon. I enjoy playing FarmVille so much. I grew up on a farm and this gives this 60 year old grandmother a chance to enjoy doing it again. Thank you very much! Have a great day!



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