FarmVille: Save Time – Harvest Faster!

Love Zynga’s FarmVille but hate how long it takes to harvest your crops? Hate watching your little farmer walk from one square to the next, and the next, and…

I do too! I love the game, but have others to play and yes, even a life to live as well. I truly don’t want to spend it watching my farmer painstakingly move around the fields.

Granted, buying the harvester will save you time, but if you are not a $FV purchaser, you will surely run out of gas well before your fields are done.

Here’s a simple tip – block your farmer in.

It’s easy to do and looks like this:

Faster Harvesting On FarmVille

Here are the few simple steps it takes:

1. Open your FarmVille farm
2. Your farmer will appear in the middle of your farm
3. Purchase 4 of the same type of decoration. Hay bales and crates work best, but it can be done with animals as well.
4. Place each decoration around your farmer, as shown above.
5. That’s it! Your farmer stays put.

You may need to delete a plot or 2 of farm field to achieve this, but you will never again have to watch your FarmVille farmer wander around.

*Note: When you expand your FarmVille farm to a larger size, you will need to re-place your blocked farmer, as the center of your farm will have changed.



4 Responses to “FarmVille: Save Time – Harvest Faster!”
  1. Karen Coppedge says:

    I built my farm so the house is gated in by trees, and fencing. When it is time to harvest, plow, and seed, I move one of the fences, move my avatar by the house, then put the fence back, blocking the avatar in, and I am able to farm quickly. Have been doing it since I started, just because I have no patience to wait, but love to farm! Glad to see someone else knows the frustration!

  2. Ssumur says:

    Oh no! Harvesting is one activity I love most! It’s the goal of farming, after all. Why anybody dsilikes harvesting while they enter Farmville? It’s the most rewarding, I savor every minute of doing it!

  3. Neil says:

    I too love harvesting but would it be nicer and faster if harvesting be done in one click of a mouse for animals and trees too?

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