Mafia Wars: Must Have Mafia Sniper Videos

We all know Mafia Wars is an awesome game, but the reason that it’s become so addictive is because you really need to think about what you are doing. You need to develop a good head for strategy if you want to get to the top with the best crime families.

It’s easy to get into the game of Mafia Wars, but once you’re inside, there is a whole new world that can be quite complex at times!

Here are 3 tips that you can follow to get off to a good start:

Size Matters:

Yes I am afraid it is true in this case. You need a big Mafia family to be able to provide the muscle for the fights and the jobs that you need to do. If you are a small family then you will not get anywhere. You will find that you lose battles and not really enjoy the game as much.

The Mafia Sniper Videos show you that inviting your Facebook and MySpace friends simply isn’t going to accomplish this. They delve into the tactics you need in order to grow properly.

Right Jobs:

It’s important in Mafia Wars to take the right jobs at the right time! You need to make sure you know what you are doing especially at the beginning because this is how you get ahead in the game.

Mafia Sniper shows you the exact jobs you should be taking in order to earn the best rewards – rewards to be used for …. well I can’t tell you. They wouldn’t like me giving away their game plan!

Godfather Points

This is the bread and butter of the game! You need Godfather points! You should try to get these anyway you can, but a word of warning, you do not need to spend cash, give away personal data or real money to get Godfather points!

Mafia Sniper shows you the best ways to do this and once you master them you will be able to make Godfather points with ease!

Just check out Chris’s site! You can see clearly he knows what he’s talking about and his videos are fabulous. So go ahead – go take a look at what’s included, and get up there with the serious dons!


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