Mafia Wars: Pick The Fastest Leveling Character

So you’ve decided to play Mafia Wars and want the fastest leveling character possible?

In most character based games, each has character usually has its own strengths and weaknesses. Mafia Wars characters are no different. But, choosing the right character for you will affect your entire game play.


Mafia Wars Character Statistics


Here are the 3 choices of Mafia Wars characters you have to choose from:

  • Mogul – Earns Money Faster
  • Maniac – Regains Energy Faster
  • Fearless – Regains Health Faster

If you want to level quickly, the best choice is Fearless.

Maniac characters regenerate energy faster and during the initial levels of play will jump ahead of both the Mogul and Fearless. However, they will not stay ahead for long, and will soon be eating a Fearless characters dust.


Once a Fearless is placed into the Wheelman position (exclusive to Fearless characters only), they gain the ability to pay zero energy for a job. This awesome trick is allowed 3-5 times, per level!

Overall, this makes the Mafia Wars Fearless character the clear winner if you want to level faster. Not only do they regain their health faster, but are able to maintain their energy levels, at no cost – easily allowing them to out pace both the Mogul and the Maniac.

Now get out there and kick some Mafia booty!

P.S… If you are looking for even more ways to level faster, you will want to check out Dominate Mafia Wars asap!

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