MouseHunt: How To Bust A Bad D.H.U Streak

MouseHunt Pink Boxed Journal Page

Anyone who has played MouseHunt past the beginning Novice level, is well familiar with the dreaded “pink box” (also known as “red box” or “PB”). As you progress further into the game, there are times when your Journal page literally swims in a sea of pink!

Ever notice how it always seems to happen, right before you are about to level up? That last 1% of any level always seems to be filled with pink boxes, stolen cheese and “failed to attacts”…

So what do most hunters do to try and change their luck?

Some head over to the forums and vent their utter disgust and frustration in the “Cheese and Whine” section.

Others post status updates lamenting the D.H.U factor bestowed on them.

And… almost all of them waste their gold…

*Gasps!* Wasted precious gold? (And with Ronza on her way too??)

The Trap/Base Swap Myth:

Most MouseHunt players are under the misconception that if you are having a bad luck streak of “failed to attracts” and pink boxes, that swaping your trap and/or base will reset your luck. This is absolutely false.

Chances are, you are already using the best possible combination you can for the area you are in, ranking level you have, and mouse you are trying to catch. If you are to swap your trap/base, you will be changing it to a lower ranked one, therefore reducing the chances even further of ending your bad streak. The longer your streak, the more gold you potentially lose…

If you have the best possible set up you can use, then simply leave it. Your luck will turn around on its’ own!

The Location Hop Myth:

Most MouseHunt players are also under the misconception that if you are having difficulties catching a specific mouse, you should simply hop over to another area and then hop back – resetting your D.H.U factor.

(Your “D.H.U Factor”, for those who do not know, is a running joke indicating how much the “Devs Hate You”. It is generally used to explain why things are going wrong for a particular hunter.)

I am guilty of this myself! I have only 7 remaining mice to catch (at the time of this post) and heck if one of them isn’t a silly Shelder! I have all 6 Jungle of Dread mice, but that Shelder eludes me…

I have traveled back and forth from the SS II Huntington numerous times, costing me a small fortune each time.

Will changing locations change my luck? According to Dave Vanderburg (one of the game developers)… No – it won’t. Any perceived benefit from location hopping is purely a coincidence.

In Conclusion:

Don’t bother swapping traps or bases, and definitely do not waste your gold hopping around. Accept that bad streaks and pink boxes are a part of the game, and know that GOOD streaks come just as easily.

And yes…The Devs DO Luv You too



4 Responses to “MouseHunt: How To Bust A Bad D.H.U Streak”
  1. Chris says:

    Thanks, Joanne! As a diehard MouseHunter myself, thanks for the article! I really look forward to more stories about MH in the future. Bring ‘em on!

  2. Lukz says:

    Now you can hug a teddy

  3. Harry says:

    haha ya now u could a hug n choke tht teddy when the d.h,u factor is high…..

  4. Cesar Noel says:

    The only to stop the DHU streaks is to move out. Go back hunting on areas that you have a high catch rate and recoup the lost cheese( and gold)

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