MouseHunt: They Are Back – Hollowhead Locations!

It’s that time of year again, and in good haunting fashion, the Hollowhead mice are on the loose, and they are dropping SuperBrie+!

Here is the official word from Dave Vanderburg:

Terror filled screeches have been heard from areas all around the Kingdom… these reports of spooky activity can only mean one thing — Hollowheads are running rampant!

The King’s researchers have noticed the Hollowheads concentrating their haunting efforts on one specific area in almost every region. Spread out and see if you can find where they are hiding.

Hollowhead mice tend to hoard any SUPER|brie+ cheese that they manage to steal. With a little luck you may catch one that was holding on to a piece or two.

Stay alert MouseHunters! Hollowhead mice love to trick traps and make off with your cheesy treats!

Happy Halloween Hunting!

We scrambled to find the locations for you all, and here is what we have:

Gnawnia Region – Harbour
Whisker Woods Region – Great Gnarled Tree
Burroughs Region – Bazaar
Furoma Region – Training Grounds
Bristle Woods Region – unknown if possible yet – will update asap
Rodentia – SS Huntington II
Tribal Isles – Cape Clawed

Catches are pouring in using a variety of traps and bait, but Swiss, Brie and Rockforth cheese seem to be working better.

Good luck everyone and Happy Hunting!

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