The Benefits Of Recruiting A Street Racing Crew

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Are you over whelmed when you are playing Street Racing and see other players with a 500+ crew? Well don’t be – you too can have a large crew! This just takes a little bit of time and some patience.

Here I will show you how you can simply do this:

At the bottom of your Street Racing home page you will find a link for recruiting friends to your crew. This link can be posted on your wall, or your friends wall, to invite your friends to join your crew. This link can also be used in “ADD ME” forum posts. Be sure to copy the whole link, otherwise it will be useless to other players. No one can join your crew with an invalid link!

The link should look like this:

Jeremy Bard wants you to join Street Racing:

Over time, as your crew is building up, you will see your friends posting updates on their status of Street Racing. Read through who replies to those statuses. They most likely are players as well, and a potentially new crew mate. Simply send them a friend invite and include “SR” or “Street Racing Crew” in the message so they know who you are. After they accept your friend invite, then you can then send them your Street Racing link.

You can also post you Street Racing link on your profile. This allows friends to click on it and join your crew even when you are not online.

Building a bigger crew has many benefits, if you take the time to do it.

Faster Clutch Upgrades: When you post your clutch upgrades to the wall, it only takes 6 crew members to upgrade it. If you have 200+ in your crew, this upgrade will be completed in a flash!

Out Numbered Races: Again, the more crew members you have, the faster you can get help with an out numbered race. More crewmates, means more help, more cash and more experience for everyone.

Posting A Wish List: This could possibly allow you to receive the items you are seeking faster. You may not receive everything on your wish list, but with a larger crew, you have a better chance of receiving something.

More Gas Received: Once every 24 hours your crew can send you gas, used to complete races faster (you can currently only store up to 10 gas). You can also send fuel to your crew members to help them out. A bigger crew means lots more gas!

Crew Races: Crew Races are a type of challenge. These races use your Adrenaline. Safety in numbers – the more crew members you have, the better chance you have at winning crew races.

More Gift Cars: Crew members are able to send a choice of 3 cars to their fellow crew mates, as a gift, once per day. The more crew members you have the better chance of receiving these cars.

Be sure to check back for more helpful tips. Until then, Happy Street Racing!


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