Top 10 Facebook Applications For October 26, 2009

Not a big surprise to see the top 3 Facebook applications remain the same this week, with FarmVille, Causes and Mafia Wars taking the one, two and three spots respectively. But, it is amazing to see FarmVille gain an additional 1.6 million average monthly users. There are no signs of its’ popularity slowing down!

Cafe World was the impressive “mover’n’shaker” this week, jumping from the #7 spot last week and slipping nicely into 4th with an impressive 4.5 million player gain. We expect Cafe World to keep gaining – maybe even knock out Mafia Wars next week?

Other applications held steady this week, most with a moderate increase in their average monthly users base, but the new kid on the block in our Top 10 List is Happy Aquarium, with over 18 million average monthly players. They also experienced the largest user base growth this week, with an average daily growth of 4.31%. We have not yet added any tips or tricks for Happy Aquarium here at TheF.B.I, but I can say that if you have young children, they will love making the fish play and swim. My 10 month old daughter loves watching them!

Here is our list for this week:


Top 10 Facebook Applications For October 26, 2009



Is your favorite game or application on the list?

Let us know what you think of the most current top 10 below!

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