4 Steps To 20 Leads A Day From Facebook

We all know that Facebook is the fastest growing social media site on the planet . That translates to an infinite amount of leads for your business.

Yes there is a lot of opportunity but how will I attract leads for my business? I will give you some basic training on how to begin to attract leads to your business on Facebook.

#1 The first mistake new and experienced marketers make is promoting their opportunity out in front. You can tell who the new marketers are on Facebook. They will post endless promotions of their business opportunity. This type of activity turns most people away. Daily I’m sent friend requests and a lot of them have a business opportunity with them. I always decline those requests. Sometime I may give them some advice about their methods. I do not like being sold, Even though I am a marketer I don’t want to be spammed, so why would anyone else. Many Facebook people are of the same mind set about spamming. Facebook is a social site, so you first need to socialize. Get to know one another, develop a relationship and build trust. After you develop trust with your contacts then your opportunity to present your business will happen. As I begin building trust with my contacts on Facebook the question of what I do for a living always comes up. That is the time when I discuss my business opportunity. I know this is different than what your up line trained you to do. I know you were trained to talk to everyone about your product and opportunity at every handshake. When you market off line that technique may work for you but it will not work on Facebook.

#2 Bring value to the on line community. This goes back to #1, instead of constantly posting your business opportunity 20 times a day, post some educational material or links to one of your blog posts. Write about something that will help others to build their business on line. This technique will make you look like a “Go to” person instead of a pushy sales person. I’m talking from experience. I quickly learned that I wasn’t getting anywhere by broadcasting my opportunity. I then discovered a philosophy called Attraction Marketing. I learned I had to add value to the community then people would be Attracted to what I had to say. After I developed trust with a person then I could present my opportunity. I know this goes against traditional marketing but traditional marketing doesn’t work in the on line arena.

#3 Zero in on your prospects. You need to. Look for people already in the MLM arena. Why should you connect with other mlm people? We all know that this is a tough business and that 97% will quit within the first year. The value added, that I talked about earlier, comes into play now. Show someone how to get leads for their business and you have already out shined their up line. Do you think that person you helped might want to listen to what you have to say. When you show someone how to get what they want, guess who their new leader will be? YOU! The more value you are willing to share the more people will view you as a leader and will want to follow you in whatever you do. Mostly have them join your business!

#4 Join groups. Look for groups that are formed for network marketing. Groups are easy to find on Facebook. Just put the name of a mlm company in the search bar. Once you find the group you want to connect with, hit the “See all members” button. A window will open and you will see all the members in that group. Click the “Add as a friend” link and another window will open. In the new window you will see a “Send a personal message” link. Click the link and a message box will open. Write a note then click the send message link. I always get a better response rate when I send a short note. Check out their profile before you send the message. Find something in the profile to complement them on. You don’t have to send an essay. Just something short like, “I see your involved with company xyz. What a great company. Want to connect, and share ideas on how to build our business?” Never present your opportunity in the friend request. You should use this technique to connect with 50 people everyday.

I’ve just given you 4 tips that bring me daily leads from Facebook.

Take these techniques and use them to help build your business on line.

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