Automation Manager For Your FarmVille Farm

Do you love FarmVille, but go crazy over how long it takes to harvest, plow and then re-plant your fields each day? You are not alone!

The average FarmVille farm contains 300-400 squares of land. This means you could be potentially clicking upwards of 1200 times each time you harvest your fields. This does not include how many times you harvest a tree, collect from your animals, or visit your neighbors to fertilize and clean fields.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a LOT of clicking time taken out of my extremely busy day!

So, how can you reduce your number of daily clicks?

How can you go away on vacation, and ensure your fields are attended?

Need to unexpectedly run out for a few hours but are worried your crops will spoil while you are gone?

You may want to consider using a cheat such as Farming Extreme Manager, developed by Here are the details:

“Farming Extreme Manager was made to attend these issues, allowing you to harvest, plow and plant all your farm terrain, collect from your animals and harvest your trees with just one click. In fact, since this application actually knows how much time a certain seed takes to get ready, it can start the process again as soon as the seeds are ready, with no human intervention at all.” provides full details on how to use the application, including video demonstrations on how helpful it can be. Take a look at what the application has to offer, weigh how useful it could be to you, and then make your decision. It’s a steal of a price I have to admit….

While we do not condone cheats that earn you tools and resources ahead of your actual attained level, a little automation is desirable for many. However, there is a risk in using tools such as this, and it could result in your FarmVille account being terminated. We do not use Farming Extreme Manager ourselves, but have had requests for information about such tools available – hence this post.



3 Responses to “Automation Manager For Your FarmVille Farm”
  1. Linda O. Crawford says:

    Why tell us about Farming Extreme Manager if you’re going to threaten us with termination if we use it? Either you condone it’s use or you don’t. You’re not being clear about what actions you will use if we use the manager!

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      I am not going to take any action if you use it… I am NOT Facebook. Our site clearly states we are not Facebook employees – simply users like you sharing what we know…



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