Cafe World: Super Sliders On Tap For 2 Days!

Super SlidersAs promised for reaching 1 million fans, Cafe World’s Super Sliders Event begins today at noon Pacific time. For those of you unsure of what that converts to in your time zone, here is a fabulous conversion table provided by World Time Clock

So what the heck are Cafe World Super Sliders?

Super Sliders are basically mini Bacon Cheeseburgers. They offer double the servings, for the same price and cooking time as regular burgers, 1 extra XP per ingredient and 1 extra XP when serving. This makes this a great way to pump some coins and points into your cafe coffers quickly!

Here is a side by side comparison of the two:


Bacon Cheeseburger Menu

Bacon Cheeseburger Menu

Super Sliders Menu

Super Sliders Menu


The Super Sliders Event only lasts for 2 days, so take advantage of these goodies while they are here!

**TIP** While serving up Super Sliders is a great way to increase your Cafe World cashflow, make sure you continue to offer other menu selections to your patrons. A varied menu helps keep your Buzz Rating high!

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  1. Jane Madison says:

    Yes the super sliders were definitely a nice treat to pick up extra coins.
    .-= Jane Madison´s last blog ..Facebook Cafe World Tip | 3 Simple Tips For Treating Your Neighbors Right =-.

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