Facebook: New Games Dashboard and Applications Dashboard Coming!

Yes, there are more changes on their way to the Facebook platform! While they may be a bit confusing at first, these ones should actually be beneficial for many of us; especially those who use multiple applications on a regular basis.

Here are the details we have found so far on the up-coming changes:

New Games Dashboard & Application Dashboard

The applications menu will move from its current location on the bottom left-hand side of any page on Facebook up to the navigation menu on the left-hand side of your homepage.

You’ll now have the option to bookmark applications on your homepage so that your favorite applications are only a few clicks away. You’ll also be able to see instant alerts from applications that you’ve bookmarked.

You can see some of these changes appearing today. Many of the applications you’ve bookmarked already should start appearing there today. If you click on the application name, you will see status updates from that application only. Great news for players of games such as Mafia Wars!

If you do not yet see any of your applications on the navigation menu, try clicking the “More” link. That should drop down your entire list, including any “Lists” that you have created. Once the navigation menu has been expanded, you will be able to drag your favorite applications above the double line in order to see them on a regular basis.

**NOTE** At the time of this post, we are unaware of how exactly we can customize which applications appear on your navigation menu. By default, all of your created lists appear there, but it seems to be only selected applications that you have recently interacted within.

Here is a sample look of what Facebook is planning:


Games Dashboard Mock Up


New Email Notifications Mean Less Spam

Soon you will be able to choose to be emailed notifications directly from your favorite applications. This new choice will give you the ability to control which applications can contact you to your email inbox. Once implemented, use the available tools, such as folders and routing rules, to manage these communications. If you decide you no longer want to hear from an application, you’ll be able to simply unsubscribe from their mailing list.

Austin Hagen, Facebook product manager, explains this new release best:

Allowing you to control which applications send you email notifications is just one step we are taking to reduce spam and ensure you don’t receive unwanted notifications, requests or invitations through Facebook. We have heard from many of you that you want greater control over how and when you see stories in News Feed about applications. Our upcoming changes aim to improve that experience, by enabling you to only see application requests and invitations if your friends have explicitly chosen to send them to you rather than have the application take that action on your behalf.


Less Facebook Spam


These changes are all going to be implemented at various stages, so bookmark us here at TheFacebookInsider and we will update this post and release new ones as soon as we have more info!



2 Responses to “Facebook: New Games Dashboard and Applications Dashboard Coming!”
  1. Larry Hartfield says:

    You don’t mention if we are going to be able to turn off things such as who has made friends with who which has probably been the biggest complaint about the last round of changes. I have hidden all comments from about 3/4s of my friends just to make my wall somewhat manageable.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Not being a developer of Facebook, I have not heard about any changes such as that. I DO know we have all asked for it, but so far I have not read anything about any pending changes….Sorry.


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