FarmVille: Best Paying FarmVille Crops Chart

There are a variety of strategies to use when playing FarmVille. Some players are looking to level up as fast as possible, while others are content to build slower, and create a beautiful farm scene along the way. Leveling up requires experience points (XP) and designing your perfect farm along the way is going to require coins – and a lot of them.

While some of the crops look pretty and are more esthetically pleasing than others, if you are looking to build up your farm bank, you will want to be planting the best paying crops you can, based on the level you have reached.

The following chart lists all FarmVille crops in their hourly rate of return order. This chart assumes the 15 coin deduction for plowing the field prior to planting.

FarmVille Crops Ordered By Best Hourly Rate of Return



4 Responses to “FarmVille: Best Paying FarmVille Crops Chart”
  1. Andy Mills says:

    Of course this is only the hourly return, some crops are better because they can be done twice a day or more so give you more XP and coins then a 24 hour crop.
    Is there a better list that gives the full picture?

  2. gary says:

    this list is slightly inaccurate…when it figures daily lengths it does it according to 24 hr periods, not 23 hr days like they really are on fv…so the math is slightly off…when you refigure accounting for this you will see that peas are the most profitable crop per hr…just sayin.

  3. Tim says:

    Figure an average cost of 25 coins per plot for fuel If you use vehicles to farm. An additional 75 coins to plow, seed and harvest.

    I don’t worry about what the payback is per hour, because that assumes planting and harvesting on time all the time. I plant for biggest pay off when I finally do get around to harvesting. That means cabbage or broccoli or whichever one.

    That’s chart I was looking for, biggest difference between buy and sell. This chart would be perfect if it were text so we could plugin and recalculate.



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