Farmville: Giftable Flowers and Garden Sheds

Did you just grow the perfect bunch of flowers? If so, you can now decide to either use it on your farm as decoration, or send it to your friends!

**NOTE: This feature is only available to a randomly selected group of FarmVille players as of right now.

For the lucky FarmVille farmers out there who have been randomly chosen to beta test these features or, for you farmers who are trying to pre-plan for this new feature, here is the news:

Cost of Garden Sheds:

The new Garden Sheds will be able to be purchased for 30,000 Coins and 10 Neighbors, or 30 Farm Cash from the market.

Purpose of Garden Sheds:

Your Garden Shed can hold up to 30 Perfect Bunches. To share the Perfect Bunches that you have stored in your Garden Shed with your Neighbors, simply click the Garden Shed to open it.

Perfect Bunches:

While harvesting your flowers, there is a chance that you will receive a “Perfect Bunch”. These new perfect bunches can be used as a decoration on the farm.

If you do not own a Garden Shed, you will receive a pop-up asking you if you would like to post to your feed (just like the lonely animals on your farm). If you post this to your feed, one lucky friend will be able to claim the bouquet as a farm decoration.

If you are lucky enough to own a Garden Shed you will be able to store up to 30 perfect bunches. You can then open your garden shed by simply clicking on it. This will allow you to remove the bunches that are stored inside. You may either place them on your own farm or send to your feed for your friends to collect. The number of bunches that you decide to post to your feed will determine how many friends are able to claim them.

For example, if you post 5 Perfect Bunches to your feed, 5 friends can claim 1 each.

**NOTE: This feature is only available to a randomly selected group of FarmVille players as of right now.



12 Responses to “Farmville: Giftable Flowers and Garden Sheds”
  1. Kathy says:

    I had the pop up to buy the Flower Shed and selected to purchase but it never gave it to me, when will I get to purchase it now? My chance has passed me and out of my control?

    Please advise,

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      It seems everyone is getting the pop up, but if you do not see it listed in your Marketplace, then you are not part of the Beta testing group.

  2. Karen W. says:

    Ever since they released the bunches of flowers…and I received one, my farm will not load properly!! I lost an entire crop because the fields would not load….today only the fields load, nothing else…i cannot help anyone, I cannot get my gifts, theya ren’t showing in the box even though I accepted them…IM getting frustrated. Please have sonone fix the bugs with the new flower bunches!!! I want to keep up with my firends, who aren’t having issues!!

  3. kay says:

    I have bought a garden shed but do not know how to get flowers in it. I keep harvesting flowers hoping something will happen. Does anyone know how to get flowers in the shed? Please help.

    • gita says:

      click your garden shed, and choose look inside.u ‘ll find some bunches of flowers in it..then just choose weather u want to use or share…happy farming…… ::)
      but i lost my garden shed.. (

  4. San says:

    I cant see garden shed in the market to buy… plz help…

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Hi San… As it states in the article, if you cannot see the garden shed in your market, you were not randomly chosen for the beta testing. It will be made available to you once testing is complete

  5. pnm says:

    i bought a garden shed and now have the bunches around my farm but they havfe since wilted and it wont allow me to delete them any ideas?

  6. gita says:

    i don’t know what i pushed..and then i lost my garden shed..i really love the bunches of flowers…anyone knows what to do to find my garden shed??????

  7. Darlene Christensen says:

    I bought a garden shed and used all the flowers in it. I have a bunch of flower bunches in my gift box and would like to put them in the garden shed. Can I do that? If so, how?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      No, only flowers harvested by you pop into your shed. You cannot transfer any in there – only out.



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