FarmVille Players, Send Your Friends An Exclusive Gift!

It seems the push is definitely on to move FarmVille away from Facebook, and over to In an effort to encourage us to do so, Zynga has introduced a variety of Exclusive Gifts, made available only to those using the interface.

As you can see from the image below, there currently are 7 new giftable items, that from within Facebook show as a “ Exclusive”. Once you open in your browser, these items immediately are unlocked, assuming you have reached the required game level.

If you choose not to use FarmVille’s new browser based version, you can still accept Exclusive gifts sent to you by your friends and neighbors. However, you may want to take a few moments to go try it out. We have had great success using the web based version and almost no connectivity issues. As much as we love Bits The Cow, it is wonderful to play without seeing her! Exclusive Gifts:

  • Barrel of Grapes
  • Wooden Log
  • Ladder and Bucket
  • Orange Flag
  • Purple Flag
  • White Flag

If any of you have me as a neighbor, I am loving the Barrel of Grapes! (hint hint!)




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