FarmVille Storage Buildings: A Pathetic Whack From Zynga

Literally millions of people had been anxiously awaiting the release of some sort of storage capability on their FarmVille farm. The ability to expand our farms has been painstakingly drip fed to us, resulting in the need to be able to put stuff somewhere! With seasonal decorations costing a pretty coin, and keepsakes galore, almost every player has been begging for the ability to store items.

So, when Zynga made the following announcement last week, I quickly scooted over to my farm to start storing!

“We’ve heard some of you are feeling a bit cramped on your farm. FarmVille is proud to introduce STORAGE! Now you can decorate to your heart’s content while knowing that you have a place to store your stuff. By the way, have you seen the new Country Fair items? Check ‘em out and see why the sheep are having such a blast! ”



My first thoughts? “You have GOT to be %#&@! KIDDING me!

Unfortunately, the amount of FarmVille storage allowed per building is pathetic…

The options are far from giving us the ability to “decorate to your heart’s content while knowing that you have a place to store your stuff.” In fact, it is sorely lacking.

Regular Red Barns allow you to hold 6 items. A Tool Shed will allow an additional 2 items. FarmVille combines these totals together and will show each building containing ?/8. This means, when you click on your tool shed, despite being able to only put 2 items inside, it will say 2/8. What you see in your tool shed also appears in your barn and vice versa. Animals cannot be stored.

That’s it… We can store 8 items total.

Considering the Red Barn takes up 6 land plots to place, and it can store 6 items, I am hard pressed to find the logic behind this! Why bother storing if the barn is going to consume the same amount of space? The same logic goes to the tool sheds. These take up 2 spaces, and can only store 2 items…

Now Zynga is a business and as such is out to make money – completely understandable! I too make my living online but acknowledge that added value is what keeps customers happy and coming back for more. The options Zynga has made available for those willing to pay real cash for additional storage are sorely lacking in this added value.

A premium barn (any other color than red) holds just 20 items, and the pink tool shed holds 15. Granted, this is a combined 35 items, but I suspect not everyone paying is going to want a PINK(!) tool shed just so they can store stuff!

The premium barn costs 27FV$ and the pink tool shed an additional 22FV$. This works out to approximately $9.00usd. Considering you can purchase hundreds of different fabulous games out there for $10-$20, I honestly think their pricing structure is a little wonky.

So in conclusion….

1. Free player FarmVille storage allows up to 8 items, but takes up to 8 spaces.
2. Premium player FarmVille storage allows up to 35 items, but is PINK(!) and will cost up to 49FV$.

Not sure about the rest of you, but I am definitely disappointed…

Oh by the way… Zynga? Can you please send me a new wheelbarrow? I placed mine in my barn and it seems to have been gobbled up by a turkey or something because I have not seen it since….



2 Responses to “FarmVille Storage Buildings: A Pathetic Whack From Zynga”
  1. Judy says:

    The storage idea is pathetic in Farmville. Zynga should take a look at FarmTown’s storage idea. While FT is also limited, we don’t have to purchase a new building and which gives only limited use. I will NOT be purchasing anymore specialty items from Farmville unless and until they give us ability to store more than a paltry few items.

  2. Gisela says:

    The new storage system is absolutely useless! I can store more stuff among my trees! How about letting us temporarily hide things too like on Farm Town? Bigger lot – coming soon? Will it be in my lifetime? I have very generous friends and end up selling most of what I receive because there is nowhere to put it. All the fans this game has out here and in many ways it’s a totally disappointing game. Sometimes I wonder why I play it.


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