Mafia Wars Toolbar Earns You A Limited Edition Utility Belt

Are you tired of having to log into Facebook each time you want to check your Mafia Wars Health Energy, Stamina and time remaining until you can use another Energy Pack?

Despite how much most of us enjoy a variety of Facebook applications, we do have lives outside of Facebook, and as such, get busy surfing the web, chatting with others, or heavens forbid – actually working! Remembering to log into Mafia Wars to your check status most likely slips your mind often.

Now it doesn’t have to! Zynga just introduced their new toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox that lets you check your Mafia Wars Health Energy, Stamina and the time remaining until you can use an Energy Pack – right from your browser menu.

Those of you willing to try out the beta version will be rewarded with an in-game benefit. Simply install the toolbar and instantly receive a Limited Edition Utility Belt armed with 30 Attack and 30 Defense.



Since Zynga has chosen to develop the toolbar using, the ability to customize your bar from over 200000 other sites is available. Instant linking to other Zynga games such as Cafe World, FishVille and Roller Coaster Kingdom have also been added.

We would love to read some feedback from anyone using the bar. Feel free to tell us what you think below!

Install The Mafia Wars Toolbar Right Here!




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