Top 10 Facebook Applications For November 11, 2009

Our Top 10 Facebook Applications list is a little late this week, but here none the less!

The Top 10 this week has not changed at all in ranking, with FarmVille, Causes, and Cafe World remaining in the top 3. I doubt we will see anyone de-throne FarmVille for quite some time. Zynga continues to release new seasonal items, including Maple Trees, Turkeys, and giftable American flags as recently as this morning.

The big user gainers this past week were Happy Aquarium, and surprisingly Mafia Wars. Mafia Wars, with its new expansion locations, continues to pull the players in on a consistent basis!

Happy Aquarium continues to increase it’s player base, despite the new release of Zynga’s FishVille. With FishVille being taken offline for a few days by Facebook for advertising violations, Happy Aquarium most likely will be able to hold onto a solid lead for the weeks to come.

Here is our list for this week:


Top 10 Facebook Applications For November 11, 2009



Is your favorite game or application on the list?

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2 Responses to “Top 10 Facebook Applications For November 11, 2009”
  1. mick fitzsimons says:

    its a pity farmtown users cannot go on after level 34 and most level 34 users give up or leave

  2. Chuck Denk says:

    That apps like Farm Town and YoVille, which are so boring they would put an insomniac asleep, are in the Top 10 is beyond my comprehension. We’re Related is starting to annoy me by consistently asking me to find more relatives, when I’ve already supplied information as complete as I can with what I know of which of my relatives have Facebook accounts. The most useful is Causes, providing an outlet for non-profit organizations to engender much needed support. If the average Facebook user were more socially conscious, that would be the number one application with no competition in sight. I spend a fair amount of time playing Mafia Wars since I find it enjoyable, regardless of the fact you don’t have a guaranteed easy way to correlated the name of the character in Mafia wars with the associated name that goes with the Facebook account. I can’t really make any definitive statements about the other apps as I’ve either seldom or never used them.


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