Without Looking Like a Nitwit – Using Twitter For Business

Facebook has become a universal fetish for teens, college students, moms, dads, business people, musicians, artists, baby boomers, grandmas and grandpas…there is no limit to the reach of Facebook.  Frightening?

This phenomenon has effectively superseded traditional industrial media (newspapers, film and television), by transforming news or social developments into social dialogues. Social media allows numerous sources of information on the same topic to be created and accessed, the content of which is referred to as user-generated content or consumer-generated media. With such a wide reach, it is no surprise that the marketing sphere has embraced it wholeheartedly.

Given the vastness of the online world and potentially limitless number of audience members, the idea of social media marketing is an appealing one. Marketing through social media should be thought of as a viable option when you consider the fact that the most affluent consumers are the most likely to be influenced by media when it comes to the selection of home repair services. In general, online reviews and opinions have begun to play a large part in swaying the decisions of many consumers on a myriad of services and goods.

If you’re getting hit with hard with marketing messages by people that you’ve met on Facebook, do these people a favor…

TELL THEM TO STOP! You don’t have to put up with bad Facebook Marketers and poor Facebook Etiquette.  What I suggest, you tell people is… “Hey, we just met.  You’re coming on a little heavy with the marketing.  I’m here on Facebook to create relationships and to meet people. Slow down.”

Many companies or businesses may find it a great wrench to move away from more traditional marketing and into media marketing. It’s true that time is needed to fully come to grips with a different approach to information, but when used correctly, social media can eventually prove to be a great return on their investment

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