Bodyguards and Mafia Wars Bullies

You’ve got to love collecting the criminal lifestyle when you play Mafia Wars.  What self-respecting mobster lacks those Mafia Wars bodyguards?  Sure, they are decent defensive equipment (DEF 25), but there are better to be had in the game.  Why are the bodyguards on everyone’s list of desirable loot?

Even without the lure of more mafia status, bodyguards are a useful loot because having them can prevent you getting your kass icked on the fightlist..  With all the tips I’ve read about getting a ‘whipping boy” from Mafia Wars strategists, it’s no wonder that Mafia Wars bodyguards are such a needed loot for beginning players.

You want to discover where you can find Mafia Wars bodyguards?  They are found in the loot drops of Hitman Tier – Protect Your City from a Rival Family job.  Having solid bodyguard defense as early as level eighteen is one great thing about this particular defensive equipment.  (If you’re already visiting Cuba, you can pick up a Guerilla Squad with even greater defense than bodyguards in El Padrino tier – Storm the Presidential Palace.)

Another thing to like about Mafia Wars bodyguards is that the job where you loot them is a decent experience yield.  Expend thirty-one energy and receive 58 experience.  That’s a 1.87 ratio, which I like strategy-wise for leveling up more rapidly.  Since the job is a good experience earner on top of a prime loot, it’s a smart bet.  When your attacker is generally at your level, bodyguards will help you win the fight.  It’s smart to get bodyguards for as many of your crew as you can, since bodyguards are the best defense available to you at the beginner levels.

Bodyguards may not be enough to eliminate your fightlist difficulty, though.  If your attacker has you outmanned, outgunned, and outclassed, bodyguards won’t end your losses – although they will increase your percentage of wins!  It’s no fun to be someone’s Mafia Wars whipping boy.

You need to tighten up your fighting strategy for Mafia Wars.

Are your personal stats out of balance?
Is your crew size puny?
Have you neglected mafia equipment?

Weak fight strategy will equal you being used to wipe the floors of Mafia Wars.  I know that the desire to level up with speed has players piling all their points into energy, but if you’re being targeted as an easy mark your strategy has to alter; try to put a few points into defense.  And a tiny mafia crew is a bulls-eye painted on your forehead – you’ll be outmanned every time!  Building a decent sized mafia crew isn’t just for fun, it’s a first line of defense.  Don’t forget that each member of your mafia has to have all three pieces of Mafia Wars equipment – weapon, armor, and vehicle.  If you’re looking to discourage a persistent attacker, get the top defensive equipment you can locate.

Mafia Wars bodyguards and fight strategy can end that losing cycle – good luck!

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