Mafia Wars Releases New Bangkok Passport Loot

Details on Mafia Wars latest episode, Mafia Wars: Bangkok, have been slowly widdled out to players, but finally everyone noq has something to work towards – your Thai Passport.

There of course is a prerequisite in order to enter this new Asian territory, and it allows you to gather up all the loot required now, before Bangkok is officially opened. No firm date as been set for the opening of Mafia Wars: Bangkok, but we suspect it will definitely be over the holiday season, when most players are off school and home for the holidays from work.

There are 3 loot items you need to collect in order to gain your Thai Passport, and all 3 are located in New York. They are a Triad Coin, Yakuza Sake and a Thai Note, as shown below:



Zynga has been secretive about the new episode until now, but its’ new placeholder page offers a little tidbit on what’s to come. Looks like everyone will need to choose a side!

“For decades, the Japanese Yakuza and Chinese Triads have battled for control over the lucrative criminal markets of Thailand. As a newcomer, you’ll need to choose a side to succeed in Bangkok. This isn’t a one-way relationship, though – as you increase your standing with your chosen faction, you’ll also earn access to additional items to fill out your arsenal.”



It’s been reported that the 3 loot items are not easy to acquire, and take a heck of an amount of energy, but it’s a small price to pay now to hopefully enjoy the new release over the Christmas holidays.

Let us know your success in gathering the new Bangkok loot – leave a comment below!




24 Responses to “Mafia Wars Releases New Bangkok Passport Loot”
  1. John says:

    I´ve got The coin, Sake and the note. But when will they publish the passport, tiered of waiting. I wanna choose side soon! And also wanna know if there is any advantage to be a tribe or yakuza member.

    What difference does it make for me ?

    Best wishes / John.

    • Don Anubhav_MAN says:

      hey i have the same prob…i have all the loot item but cannot get my passport but many of my frnds have got….wat to do?

  2. scatteredmind says:

    @ John: I’ve tried so many times to get the loots, but I never got it. Have any suggestions?

    • The Chosen One says:

      Pure luck.
      My friend Jack got the Triad coin on his second go, and I took over 10. Make sure you know which jobs get you the items (underneath the heading it says: Chance to loot: Bangkok Unlockable somthing).
      Anyway, hope you get the items soon!

      • John says:

        But the passport isn´t avalible yet. Have waited for over a month now. I think its lame to say “Coming soon.” Then i expect it to come in one or two weeks!

    • jacob says:

      Well try every day with ALL of your energy i have access to the place!

  3. Chrissy says:

    I got all three items in 2 days, yeah I know, I used my first whole energy and energy pack on the first two items the first day. The last one was the hardest to get (the coin) it took all my energy twice plus a little here and there and energy pack before I finally got it, but I got them and now I’m just waiting for the launch date. I only have like 440 energy so if you have more then that your good, if not, it may take you a little longer.

  4. aaron says:

    I snagged all three items in under 100 energy! Guess I’m one of the lucky ones : )

    • sister doolittle says:

      I got all 3 of mine really fast just have to be sure you are doing the jobs that give you the items…=)

  5. Tom says:

    wtf? i got the 3 items with 1200 energy and a friend of mine with 400 ¬¬ it isn t hard. i got em in a couple of mins …lol

    • Bobby says:

      Yeah i got mine first try, 3rd try, and 6th try, it wasnt very long

  6. Dr. Ase Hastly says:

    It wasn’t hard for me to acquire all 3 Bangkok loots. it just took me 500 energy points to get all 3 of them.

  7. rauni says:

    i got all items at only 1 try, wow i m hving gret lck here

  8. waleed says:

    i m the chosen one baby i have already open bangkok in all 3 accounts of my awn

    • Mindy says:

      Do you have an extra passport?

  9. Kjell Arne Danielsen says:

    I would love a Thai Passport!

  10. Alex says:

    loads of people have passports and i don’t do you know where i can get 1 from?

  11. jon dayrit says:

    level 457, but no passport!!! how can i get one? please help….

  12. pit boss nicky says:

    Chapter 1 complete. Oh the joys of having my Thai Passport.

  13. Irzuck says:

    I have all 4 item…

    Now I go to bangkok,but I can’t find where is my passport in my inventory…

    But,bangkok is still beta version..there are much menu is locked and wrote “coming soon”…

  14. Rhysy says:

    I have all the items, and have been waiting for ages to get a passport but it still hasent come.whats the deal?

  15. Gail says:

    I already had my Bangcock passport and was leveling up but today they say i don’t have a passport yet and everything i did disappeared. Geesh. Is this a glich? Someone have an extra passport?

  16. Saif Khan says:

    I have bangkok passport. if someone needs it. please trade with me. I have five extra passports in MW FaceBook. my facebook email is sklodhi at the rate of gmail dot com



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