Secrets of Cafe World Domination – Why Your Cafe’s Layout Makes a Difference

One of the best things about the Facebook game called Cafe World is that you have the ability to customize your cafe in so many ways. But you need to be aware that the way you lay out the seating will go a long way toward determining whether or not your cafe will succeed!

Access to Seating is Crucial

Firstly, you need to arrange the furniture so customers can get to all of the available tables and chairs. If your furniture is arranged in such a way that customers can’t reach an open seat, they’ll get frustrated and leave.

Similarly, if you don’t have enough seating, you’ll lose customers. People tend to forget this as they’re so busy getting food prepared and served, but efficient cooking and serving is useless if potential customers don’t have anywhere to sit.

Give Waiters Easy Access

Customers won’t wait around too long once they sit down. If they’re not served quickly, they’ll leave. So your waiter or waitress needs to have fast, efficient access to all the tables. If it is hard for the wait staff to get from the serving counters to some of the tables, you’re going to lose customers.

Now here’s an important point. Customers won’t stay if there isn’t an accessible seat for them, but they don’t mind a long walk to that seat. This leads us to a secret of cafe layout that the best players of this Facebook game know. Now you can learn and use this cool secret too!

You can keep your customers in the cafe longer by giving them a long path to their seats. Combine this with a shorter path from the serving counters to the tables, and your wait staff will have lots of time to complete their serving cycles.

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