Strategic Social Media Marketing on Facebook

“Social Media Marketing on Facebook”

When it comes to social media marketing its a good rule of thumb to remember genuineness is rewarded and commercial behavior is more often tossed in the spam bin.

Facebook really produces an opportunity for this genuine and creative interaction.  An account will even be deleted if there is not a person’s name as the user name or it’s discovered that they are not a real person.

This is perhaps one of the key factors that helps to build trust which can then in turn lead to influence.

Communication on Facebook happens mostly in the form of “messages”.  You have your one-to-one communications and your one-to-many.

These messages can come in the form of:

  • Event Invitations – These would be RSVP style invitations to members of groups or to friends.
  • Group Messages – Administrators of groups with 5,000 or less members can send out a message to all members that goes right into their personal inbox.
  • Personal Updates – When you add a message to your profile it will appear on your friend’s pages (status, updates, notices).  If you add a message to your friends wall it will appear on all their friend’s home pages.

Having a lot of friends on Facebook is obviously your first key to success.

To get started:

  • Each day make 20 new friends
  • And write on their walls
  • Make a minimum of 500 targeted friends
  • Form Your Group
  • Come up with a name and purpose
  • Create Your Group
  • Fill in details – describe group’s purpose
  • Invite Your 500 plus Friends to Join
  • Grow Your Group to 1000 Quickly
  • When adding friends create a personable message to ask for friendships.
  • Request friendship from other people of influence in your industry.
  • Don’t try to add everyone all at once, but gradually over time.
  • Approve others requesting your friendship.

This takes a little discipline and commitment but it’s really not that complicated.
Simply staying connected and adding value to your friends on Facebook is the key to unlock your social media marketing goldmine.

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