FALSE: Has Your Facebook Been Running Slow Internal Spybot Rumor

Most of you have probably seen the latest ‘pass-it-rumor’ circulating, telling us there is an internal spybot on our Facebook profile, which is supposedly making our computers slow. It goes something like:

ALERT ALERT>>>>> Has your facebook been running slow lately? Go to “Settings” and select “application settings”, change the dropdown box to “added to profile”. If you see one in there called “un named app” delete it … Its an internal spybot. Pass it on. =======> thanks to this message i realised it

This is NOT an internal spybot (here.

While there is nothing wrong with deleting it, it is also harmless to keep it, as it will simply disappear on it’s own shortly. However, there have been may reports of performance being improved once the culprit has been removed.


It’s Super Bowl Time – FarmVille Style!

It’s Super Bowl time, and as the day draws closer (Sunday February 7th) we’ve been given the chance to root for our favorite team – FarmVille style.

New giftables have been released; an Indianapolis Flag, New Orleans Flag, and a Goal Post; to show which team you support!


It's Super Bowl Time FarmVille Style


Fire up your new Outdoor Grill, and get those veggies roasting!

With FarmVille Cash, you can further show your support by purchasing one of two available Line Quackers; Line Quacker 1 wears an Indy helmut and Line Quacker II wears a New Orleans helmut. Or, be an unbiased Cow Kicker.

Can’t decide which team to support? For FarmVille Cash, you can sit on the sidelines as a Sheep Spectator, or run around as a Gnome Ref!

At the end of the game, award your farm with the Bunnyman Trophy.


FarmVille Super Bowl Decorations


Have fun with this one! It’s sure to be a great game



Free Limited Edition FarmVille Carrier Pigeons

FarmVille Carrier Pigeon in Flight

FarmVille Carrier Pigeon in Flight

As Facebook application developers are gearing up for the upcoming changes Facebook has planned for notifications, you will be seeing more and more developers asking for your email address. All Zynga games over the past week seem to be leading the pack on collecting your contact info.

For those of you unaware, coming shortly, applications will no longer be able to contact you via the Notifications tab. You will need to approve each one you wish to hear from – to your email address.

With that in mind, FarmVille tonight released a Limited Edition Carrier Pigeon to entice you into saying ‘Yes’. These adorable birds are similar to the past released Owls and Doves, which fly around and then return to their perch. They are decoration only and do not yield any harvest.

You can collect the Carrier Pigeons from friends posting to your Live Feed, so keep your eyes open for one. Or, you can sign up immediately for the FarmVille Newsletter by clicking on the new box located at the bottom of your page, under your list of neighbors – only if you are prepared to hand over your email address.

Limited Edition Carrier Pigeons Status Message


New Butterfly Collection Added To FarmVille Collectibles

A new Butterfly Collection has been added to your FarmVille Collectibles list. These beauties can be found from harvesting trees, fertilizing your neighbors crops and from harvesting your own fertilized land as follows:

  • Emperor – found in your fertilized crops
  • Painted Lady – found when fertilizing your neighbors
  • Blue Butterfly – from harvesting trees
  • Swallowtail – found when fertilizing your neighbors
  • Zebra – from harvesting trees
  • Copper – from harvesting trees


FarmVille Collectibles - Butterfly Collection


Bejeweled Blitz Just Got Even Better With Boosts And Coins

The most popular 1 minute spent on Facebook just got even better! Bejeweled Blitz just released its newest features to the game – boosts and coins!

Two weeks ago we were invited to begin beta testing the new features, and we loved them right from the start. If you love the intensity of Bejeweled Blitz, you are going to enjoy these new features even more.

As you play the new game, you will soon discover the first new feature. Coins. As you play, you will have gold coins fall into random empty places on your board. Match the coins with yellow gems to have them added to your coin balance for double their value. If you miss some, don’t panic. At the end of the game, all coins left on your board are added to your coin total at face value.

As you can see from the image below, we earned 700 coins during our 1 minute round and have a total of 32,000 accumulated.

New Bejeweled Blitz Scoreboard


So what can these coins be used for? Well, boosts of course!

The second feature, sure to literally ‘boost’ your score, is a selection of 5 different boosts. Each of these cost a different number of coins and are purchased before you start the round. Each boost purchase last for 3 rounds. You can also purchase more than one boost at the same time, which can make for an incredibly interesting, and explosive game!

The boosts, their cost and their features are:

Mystery Gem – 6000 coins
Puts a random special gem on the board in the beginning of the game

Detonate – 2500 coins
Detonates all special gems on the board when you choose to click it

Scramble – 3500 coins
Scrambles all gems on the board

+5 Seconds – 5000 coins
Adds five seconds to the game

Free Multiplier – 7500 coins
Adds a multiplier to the board at the beginning of the game

Stay tuned as we will add more info on how to best use these boosts in combination and earn the highest score possible playing Bejeweled Blitz.



FarmVille Toolbar: Never Miss Your Crops Again!

Zynga, the developers of FarmVile, have just released their new FarmVille Toolbar for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Never again will you forget your crops while surfing the web or playing other games!

The FarmVille Toolbar allows you to see in real time, the exact amount of time left until your crops are ready to harvest. Additional features, such as a notification icon for Facebook Inbox messages, a Google search box, as well as links to other popular Zynga games have also been included. Each of the features is editable once the toolbar has been installed.

FarmVille Toolbar


As indicated, the toolbar will only work for those of you using Firefox 2.0 and above. Anyone who plays any Zynga game should already be using either Firefox or Chrome, as using IE will only frustrate you with its inability to support these resource intensive games.


The FarmVille Toolbar is extremely simple to install, but you first must allow it to connect with your Facebook account. This allows the toolbar to gather all relevant information to your farm and your neighbors wall posts.

Allow Farmville Toolbar Connect


Once you have allowed it to connect to Facebook, you will be provided with the installation link. After the install is complete, restart your browser to activate it. Once your browser is re-opened, you will see the following message:

FarmVille Toolbar Installed


We highly recommend you take a few minutes to read through the privacy policy and end user agreement that Zynga has provided to you. This way, there are no misunderstanding about what information Zynga is potentially collecting from you.

You can change the information shown on the toolbar, by clicking on the Options link shown here to the left. This will bring up a variety of different features – test different layouts and choose the settings best for your need.


Ready To Install
The FarmVille Toolbar ?



Cafe World: Clean Your Neighbors Cafe

For a short time last evening, Cafe World released its’ latest feature to the game – the ability to clean your neighbors cafe.

It was a very short beta test, and it seems there were a few bugs, but the overall idea was ‘neat’!

If you logged in during the beta test, you would have seen:



We found 8 different spots throughout our cafe that needed cleaning. Each spot earned us:

  • 1 CP
  • 5 Coins

After cleaning up our messy cafe, we earned the opportunity to post to our wall asking for friends to also help clean, until it sparkles. Visiting your friends cafe’s allowed you to clean up to 5 dirty spots, each earning you:

  • 2 CP
  • 10 Coins
Cafe World Ask Friends To Help Clean Wall Post


The next time we logged in, we received the following message:


Cafe World Cleaning Increases Buzz Rating


Lolla had cleaned up the 5 dirty spots she found in our cafe. Each of those spots were now sparkling. It was now our turn to work again!

By clicking on the sparkling spots, our Buzz Rating went up 1 full point – from 105.0 to 110.0. As most players know by now, the higher your Buzz rating, the more patrons visit your cafe and the more coins you earn.

It seems that you will also be able to make the request twice. Looking through our Live Feed last evening, we also found this status message, indicating that additional cleaning was needed for a very dirty cafe


Zynga, the developers of Cafe World, removed the cleaning features shortly after release. It seemed to be a short beta test, and according to their fan page “…a secret recipe we’ve been working on for the past few weeks needs a bit more time cooking…some of you may have experienced some trouble trying out one of our latest beta features.”

Hopefully they will get all the kinks out soon and bring the cleaning features back. However, it would be nice if they actually fixed the laggy and slow loading game first – before they give us additional tasks to do…

Having trouble with your cafe lagging? Read our tip on how to stop your cafe from freezing up.



Rumor: Facebook Will Charge A Monthly Fee

The latest “invite-all-your-friends” Facebook rumor is yet again centered around the popular social networking site claiming they will be charging a monthly fee.

There are numerous variations of the rumor out there, each claiming a different dollar value to be charged by a specific date. These groups and fan pages even go on to say that if a specific number of people join the page, Facebook will reconsider.

It’s pure bunk.

Here are a few examples of groups grabbing the interest and attention of well over 2 million people combined so far:

– 850,000+ people

This one is quite funny actually, as it posts a proposed monthly fee of $14.99 and £14.99 – the same supposed monthly fee. Anyone who has paid any relative close attention to either economies will realize that there is quite the drastic different between the 2 amounts once converted to the same currency.

As of today, 1 British pound = ~1.6 U.S. dollars, making the claimed fee to US users actually $23.99 monthly.

The group creator also claims that Mark Zuckerburg will sell the site due to its popularity, and some mumbo jumbo about Facebook being 3 years old – all of which is untrue. The creator, Jordan Taylor, is a 14 year old kid from the UK, with obviously too little to do with his time as the news states

“has been saved thankyou and this was no hoax”





Additional groups and pages gathering way too many fans and members include:

– 417,000+ members joined

– 657000+ fans joined

– 18000 members joined

Facebook has no intention of charging a basic monthly fee, let alone selling the network. Just this past Thursday January 21st, Facebook announced the ground breaking ceremony of their brand new, and extremely expensive, custom being built in Oregon. It is highly unlikely that any company is going to undergo a project such as this, with the supposed intention of selling within a few months.

In an April 2009 interview with BusinessWeek Editor-In-Chief Stephen Adler, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was asked and answered:

ADLER: Does Facebook plan on charging a membership fee? Over three-quarters of its users are going into a panic-induced assumption that this is true, even though there hasn’t been talk of a membership fee from the business press or Facebook itself. So can you calm the panic?

SANDBERG: The answer is no, we are not planning on charging a basic fee for our basic services. Once again, that question stems from people thinking we’re growing so quickly we’re running out of money. We’re growing really quickly, but we can finance that growth. We’re not going to charge for our basic services.

Based on Sandberg’s reply, it’s obvious that “basic service” use of Facebook will remain a free service. It does however leave the door open for the possibility of an upgraded paid membership service.

Keeping in mind that Facebook is a business, and adding a paid membership program is an extremely viable and sensible business option. In my personal opinion, such a program would be geared towards the marketing and commercial aspects that Facebook seems to be targeting lately.

More and more big business brands are seeing the lucrative advantage to using Facebook for their promotional marketing, as so far have been able to do so at zero cost. It is no wonder that Facebook would love to have a share in their windfall.

Would you be willing to pay a fee to use Facebook, if you were granted additional features? If so, leave us a comment below, including what additional features you would like to see added!



Gift A FarmVille Mystery Gift To Your Neighbors

You can now send a Mystery Gift to all of your FarmVille friends and neighbors – It’s Christmas day every day now!


Send A FarmVille Mystery Gift To Friends


So what is inside the FarmVille Mystery Gifts? Lot’s of goodies – what we have found so far is listed below:

  • 1 FV$ ( Yes, Farm Cash!)
  • 1 Fuel Refill
  • 1/5 Fuel Refill
  • 1,000 coins
  • 20 XP, 25 XP
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • White Chicken
  • Brown Cow
  • Baby Calf
  • Grey Tabby
  • Banana Tree, Passion Fruit Tree, Olive Tree, Pomegranate Tree
  • Sheep Topiary, Buffalo Topiary, Elephant Topiary, Duck Topiary
  • Stone Mailbox
  • Horse

We will update this list as we find more goodies from our friends



FarmVille 24×24 Expansion Has Finally Arrived

The highly anticipated and badly needed 24×24 expansion has finally arrived to your FarmVille Market – if you are a Fan that is.


FarmVille 24x24 Expansion


This evening, Zynga released the 24×24 expansion only to those who are Fans of FarmVille. To become a Fan, .

For those of you already fans, you can find the expansion in your Market, under the Upgrade Farm tab. The upgrade will cost you either 500,000 coins or FV$60.


FarmVille 24x24 Expansion Cost



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