Cafe World Alien Invasion Brings Stardust Stew and Martian Brain Bake

It seems our Cafe World cafes are under attack! They seem friendly though, as they have brought along 2 new limited edition dishes; Stardust Stew and Martian Brain Bake.

Cafe World Alien Invasion Dishes


Stardust Stew:
Level: 14
Cost: 1000
Serves: 425
Pays: 6 per serving
Total: 2550
Cooking Time: 9 hours
Earnings/hr: 170.6
CP per Ingredient: 6cp
CP to serve: 120cp
CP/hr: 15.4

Martian Brain Bake:
Level: 37
Cost: 2200
Serves: 1560
Pays: 5 per serving
Total: 7880
Cooking Time: 24 hours
Earnings/hr: 232.7
CP per Ingredient: 11cp
CP to serve: 280cp
CP/hr: 13.1

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    1. [...] foods available to serve in-game, such as Martian brain bake and alien sushi. One of these is named Stardust Stew. The lurid blue-green dish looks like onion soup, complete with cheese melted over the top and the [...]


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