Cafe World: Clean Your Neighbors Cafe

For a short time last evening, Cafe World released its’ latest feature to the game – the ability to clean your neighbors cafe.

It was a very short beta test, and it seems there were a few bugs, but the overall idea was ‘neat’!

If you logged in during the beta test, you would have seen:



We found 8 different spots throughout our cafe that needed cleaning. Each spot earned us:

  • 1 CP
  • 5 Coins

After cleaning up our messy cafe, we earned the opportunity to post to our wall asking for friends to also help clean, until it sparkles. Visiting your friends cafe’s allowed you to clean up to 5 dirty spots, each earning you:

  • 2 CP
  • 10 Coins
Cafe World Ask Friends To Help Clean Wall Post


The next time we logged in, we received the following message:


Cafe World Cleaning Increases Buzz Rating


Lolla had cleaned up the 5 dirty spots she found in our cafe. Each of those spots were now sparkling. It was now our turn to work again!

By clicking on the sparkling spots, our Buzz Rating went up 1 full point – from 105.0 to 110.0. As most players know by now, the higher your Buzz rating, the more patrons visit your cafe and the more coins you earn.

It seems that you will also be able to make the request twice. Looking through our Live Feed last evening, we also found this status message, indicating that additional cleaning was needed for a very dirty cafe


Zynga, the developers of Cafe World, removed the cleaning features shortly after release. It seemed to be a short beta test, and according to their fan page “…a secret recipe we’ve been working on for the past few weeks needs a bit more time cooking…some of you may have experienced some trouble trying out one of our latest beta features.”

Hopefully they will get all the kinks out soon and bring the cleaning features back. However, it would be nice if they actually fixed the laggy and slow loading game first – before they give us additional tasks to do…

Having trouble with your cafe lagging? Read our tip on how to stop your cafe from freezing up.




4 Responses to “Cafe World: Clean Your Neighbors Cafe”
  1. sandy says:

    How do you get your buzz rateing up. I have plenty of food out and no customers.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Sandy, you need to make sure your tables and counters are completely accessible. Send me a friend request and I will go take a look and send you some suggestions

  2. kay turner says:

    cafe has been moving slowly lately

  3. Karmen says:

    FREEZES every time I play it, did not have this problem until recently,
    Love Cafe World , heartbroken that I can not play


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