Cafe World Extravagant 14×16 Expansion Arrives

Cafe World Extravagant Cafe ExpansionFinally, a new phase has been released to us in Cafe World – the 14×16 expansion!


The cost will be a heafty 999,999 coins, or 35 CW$. Considering we have been waiting a while for this, it should be too difficult for many to come up with the coins required. After earning 24 per serving with the Seasonal Hams, and 99 per serving on the VIP Dinner, everyone should be rolling in dough – literally!



Along with the expansion, the Alien Invasion continues with new items available to decorate your cafes, and 3 new limited dishes available to gift. At the time of posting, there are no new recipes, but we will certainly keep our eyes open for something fresh.

The giftables are 1 time serves, and are called: Alien Sushi, Eyesee Donut and Green Goo Fizzy Pop.


Cafe World Alien Invasion Giftables



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    Very good post. I really liked it.


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