Cafe World ‘It’s Game Time’ Theme Brings Fish n Chips + Hotdog and Garlic Fries

Cafe World Its Game TimeA new theme has arrived to our Cafe World cafes – It’s Game Time!

Just in time for the NFL’s Super Bowl, this new theme allows any sports fan to deck out their cafe with a wide variety of new decorations, clothing, and two new dishes to cook – Fish n Chips and Hotdog and Garlic Fries.

Just a few of the new items available are new walls, Bar Stools, Pool Tables, Foos Tables, Arcade Tables, Arcade Machines, Mounted Jerseys, Super Big Screen TV, Payphones, and my favorite….a Rootbeer Tap!


Cafe World Fish n ChipsCafe World Hotdog and Garlic Fries


Fish n Chips:
Level: 18
Cost: 1650
Serves: 220
Pays: 9 per serving
Total: 1980
Cooking Time: 2 hours
Earnings/hr: 157.5
CP per Ingredient: 4cp
CP to serve: 22cp
CP/hr: 17.5 ?
Hotdog and Garlic Fries:
Level: 45
Cost: 114
Serves: 25
Pays: 6 per serving
Total: 150
Cooking Time: 5 mins
Earnings/hr: 252.0
CP per Ingredient: 1cp
CP to serve: 3cp
CP/hr: 84.0


In addition to the new menu items and decorations, there are 3 new limited time gifts to send your friends and neighbors; Peanuts, Jalapeno Poppers and a Bowl of Salsa. Both items are a One Time Serve, but are a ‘must have’ for any sports party!


Cafe World PeanutsCafe World Jalapeno Poppers


We look forward to seeing everyone’s new look!


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