FarmVille Collectables

A whole new feature was released last night to FarmVille – the FarmVille Collectables series. As you can see from the announcement, you can find collectable items by plowing, harvesting, fertilizing and gifting.

Your collection list now appears under your Ribbons tab. There have been 5 collections released so far; each containing 3 common items (c), 2 uncommon (u) and 1 rare (r) item to find. They are:


The Gardening Tools Collection – Gloves (c), Trowel (c), Cultivator (c), Twine (u), Pruning Saw (u) & Shears (r)

The Country Kitsch Collection – Needlepoint (c), Spigot (c), Pocketwatch (c), Salt Shaker (u), Thimble (u) & Cow Bell (r)

The Bugs Collections – Ladybug (c), Dragonfly (c), Caterpillar (c), Stickbug (u), Beetle (u) & Centipede (r)

The Feather Collection – Green Plume (c), Hen Feather (c), Dapple Plume (c), Red Feather (u), Banded Quill (u) & Blue Feather (r)

The Butterfly Collection – Emperor (c), Painted Lady (c), Blue Butterfly (c), Swallowtail (u), Zebra (u) & Copper (r)

Some of the items are available from your friends only, via the FarmVille Gift option. So far, the Dragonfly and the Needlepoint items have been giftable for a very short period of time. Keep your eye on your Gift page to see when new items are released.



Once you claim a gifted collectable from your friend, it will appear in your Gift Box. Clicking on “use” will transfer it to your collections list. You can collects multiple quantities of each item, but it is unknown at this time if you can claim multiple rewards with each complete collection.

Other items will appear randomly in your collections list. We did not always notice a pop up letting us know we had found something, so we cannot comment on exactly how we received the Pocketwatch and the Hen Feather.





2 Responses to “FarmVille Collectables”
  1. steph says:

    The pocketwatch is from harvesting a tree Not sure about the hen feather.
    I did get a caterpillar by plowing my cabbage, though!

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      I actually did receive my pocketwatch from harvesting Peas, and all my caterpillars have been from trees.


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