FarmVille: Free Fuel Week Begins!

The FarmVille Free Fuel Week has begun, allowing you to earn 1/5th of a tank each consecutive day you log into the game. With the recent release of the Lord of The Plow ribbon, this surely will help everyone reach their goal. Granted, 1/5th of a tank is not much plow power, but every little bit that is free certainly helps!

You can also gift an additional 1/5th tank to each of your FarmVille friends and neighbors daily – increasing the potential amount received by everyone.


On the top left of your screen, you will see a gas can as shown below. Clicking this will post another 1/5th tank of fuel to your news feed, giving friends a third opportunity to build up their fuel stash. This button appears often, allowing you to post multiple times daily. So be kind and share – helping those not wanting to pay for fuel earn the new ribbon



One Response to “FarmVille: Free Fuel Week Begins!”
  1. Andy Mills says:

    If you use a fuel gift when your yellow bar is at full it then goes to 1/5th full and will slowly fill up , then just repeat , much better then using 5 fuel gifts to get a full tank
    I also hear you can only gift 5 gifts of fuel a day but can still send alot of invites but nobody can get them after 5 have accepted, woops.


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