FarmVille Toolbar: Never Miss Your Crops Again!

Zynga, the developers of FarmVile, have just released their new FarmVille Toolbar for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Never again will you forget your crops while surfing the web or playing other games!

The FarmVille Toolbar allows you to see in real time, the exact amount of time left until your crops are ready to harvest. Additional features, such as a notification icon for Facebook Inbox messages, a Google search box, as well as links to other popular Zynga games have also been included. Each of the features is editable once the toolbar has been installed.


As indicated, the toolbar will only work for those of you using Firefox 2.0 and above. Anyone who plays any Zynga game should already be using either Firefox or Chrome, as using IE will only frustrate you with its inability to support these resource intensive games.


The FarmVille Toolbar is extremely simple to install, but you first must allow it to connect with your Facebook account. This allows the toolbar to gather all relevant information to your farm and your neighbors wall posts.


Once you have allowed it to connect to Facebook, you will be provided with the installation link. After the install is complete, restart your browser to activate it. Once your browser is re-opened, you will see the following message:


We highly recommend you take a few minutes to read through the privacy policy and end user agreement that Zynga has provided to you. This way, there are no misunderstanding about what information Zynga is potentially collecting from you.

You can change the information shown on the toolbar, by clicking on the Options link shown here to the left. This will bring up a variety of different features – test different layouts and choose the settings best for your need.


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