It’s Super Bowl Time – FarmVille Style!

It’s Super Bowl time, and as the day draws closer (Sunday February 7th) we’ve been given the chance to root for our favorite team – FarmVille style.

New giftables have been released; an Indianapolis Flag, New Orleans Flag, and a Goal Post; to show which team you support!



Fire up your new Outdoor Grill, and get those veggies roasting!

With FarmVille Cash, you can further show your support by purchasing one of two available Line Quackers; Line Quacker 1 wears an Indy helmut and Line Quacker II wears a New Orleans helmut. Or, be an unbiased Cow Kicker.

Can’t decide which team to support? For FarmVille Cash, you can sit on the sidelines as a Sheep Spectator, or run around as a Gnome Ref!

At the end of the game, award your farm with the Bunnyman Trophy.



Have fun with this one! It’s sure to be a great game




2 Responses to “It’s Super Bowl Time – FarmVille Style!”
  1. Jeff says:

    Do you know if Farmville ever plans on doing a coin exchange for FV Dollars? The game is getting kinda boring with my limited amount of friends playing Farmville.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      I honestly do not know, but I doubt it. These games are extremely expensive to develop and maintain, and they have to create a cashflow somehow. It’s frustrating for players in your situation, but no one can be expected to work for free either


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