No More Sharing of FarmVille Unlimited Links

Until now, FarmVille players had been able to share links with those who were not friends or neighbors. This became particularly popular when players with very few friends or neighbors, were looking for some extra help with their barn raising. Unfortunately, Zynga put a stop to this with their latest update Tuesday night.

As of now, when you click on a FarmVille link that has been shared (one that does not appear on your wall from a neighbor), you will be directed to your own farm homepage. This new features not only applies to barn raising links, but also to Egg links, Collectible items, and any other bonuses.

You should also note, that you now can only collect Eggs, Collectibles and assist with barn raising’s provided by your neighbors. If news feed post is not a neighbor of yours, you will not be able to collect.

Start sending out those neighbors requests folks….again!




5 Responses to “No More Sharing of FarmVille Unlimited Links”
  1. t says:

    can i still share the link with my neighbours tho, like post it on their wall ?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Yes, links can be shared with neighbors.

  2. Tony says:

    All the rumors that get started that are not true. Why can’t facebook trace the person who started the rumor and delete it before it get’s out of hand. They need to be banned from facebook.

  3. Lynda says:

    Automation labs is what i just deleted from my privacy settings and there were 44 for me and 40 on my husbands. This was told to us to delete due to stealing from farmville. Now another person posts that with your site here it says there was no automation lab stealing to delete….what do you say? Only my neighbors I approve should be on anything I have or selected buddies.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Hi Lynda,

      Automation labs sells a farming manager that automatically does tasks for you on FarmVille. It is against FarmVille TOS to use and you could be kicked off FarmVille for using it, but many people do. All this program does is connect to your wall feed and grabs any farmville related status messages for you immediately. This includes eggs, bonuses, lost animals, etc. Therefore, it IS technically grabbing every egg/etc it can from the wall, but they are from your friends that post them. The software does not grab bonuses from any other people – it It can only connect to your wall.

      Hope that clarifies


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