Top 10 Facebook Applications For January 4, 2010

First off, Happy New Year to all of our Top 10 followers! We hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season

For our first ‘Top 10′ of 2010, we are seeing very little change, with all the usual suspects populating this weeks’ list. Here are the latest rankings, along with their average monthly users count:

Top 10 Facebook Applications For January 4, 2010



This past weeks Top 10 Gainers list showcases a few new applications worthy of a look. gained an extremely impressive 8+ million users. This app allows you to add animated graphics, comments, and all sorts of goodies to your pictures for fun or glamour. A few of the comments on their discussion board detail user frustrations with the number of Blingee’s appearing on their wall – easily remedied by clicking the Block Application link located at the top left of the application page, under the app photo.

**TIP** You can block any application directly on its app homepage, by clicking on the Block Application link.


Our Featured App this week does not appear on either of our lists, but we expect to see it soon: .

This new strategy game is based on EA’s game released in back in February, and is adapted for Facebook by Lolapps, Inc. From the developers:

Become Dante, returning home from the Crusades to find your wife has been murdered and her soul sent to Hell. Fight through the Nine Circles of Hell and get Beatrice back!

Reviews so far seem very positive – apart from one player claiming the game idea was stolen from him. Otherwise, this one looks to be a great way to eliminate your gaming boredom and start the new year off with something fresh!


Here is this weeks Top 10 Gainers list:

Top 10 Facebook App Gainers For January 4, 2010



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If you have any comments or suggestions about our Top 10 lists, please feel free to let us know below!


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