Facebook eMail On It’s Way – Secure Your Vanity URL Now

Over the past six years, we have watched Facebook evolve from a little Harvard dorm based network, into a massive world-wide 400 million user behemoth. The largest social network online is now gearing up to bring us a new feature to stay connected with friends and family – Project Titan; aka Facebook eMail!

Michael Arrington of TechChrunch says “Facebook is completely rewriting their messaging product and is preparing to launch a fully featured webmail product in its place, according to a source with knowledge of the product.” So far rumors indicate that the new service will include IMAP/POP support, giving you the ability to access your new email outside of the Facebook platform.

Facebook is all about connecting and the easiest way to do that is by people being able to find you. With the introduction of vanity urls back in June 2009, the Facebook developers gave us one more way for people to find us – especially for those who have a more common name. According to the TechChrunch report, your new Facebook email address will be your vanity url.

Currently, many Facebook users still have a randomly assigned numerical profile url. A vanity url allows you to choose an available name, or nickname instead.


You will be given a few options to choose from, or you can select your own. If your custom name is available, once you confirm, it will be immediately set as your new profile url.

I strongly recommend everyone go create their vanity url asap in order to secure how you wish your new Facebook email address to appear.

To reserve your Facebook vanity name, go to:




One Response to “Facebook eMail On It’s Way – Secure Your Vanity URL Now”
  1. Vivianne says:

    Ok, I clicked on this hoping that it would just take me to further instructions. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the vanity URL??? I really don’t want people to be able to find me that easily! I can’t seem to find anything by searching fb’s help, unless I’m doing it wrong and that is entirely possible. LOL


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