Facebook Game Dashboard Settings : How To Control Who Can See What You Play

Here is a quick tip for those of you who do not care to have everyone know what games and applications you use on Facebook. There has been a new section added to the Privacy Settings page under your Account tab.

It looks like:

Facebook Game & Application Dashboard Privacy


If you choose “Custom” from the drop down menu, you will have the option to them choose “Only Me”. Alternatively, you could also select a small group of friends or family – you choose!

Thanks to our reader Barbi for passing on this tip via a comment she left!



One Response to “Facebook Game Dashboard Settings : How To Control Who Can See What You Play”
  1. Betsy says:

    You can also adjust who gets every individual gaming post before you “publish” it to your page. For instance, for posts that pop up within an individual game (e.g. in Cafe World — Chef’s specials, awards, etc..), there is this same tab near the bottom of the posting, to the left of the “publish” button that you can adjust right before you click on the publish button. Another window will pop up in which you can say who you want to send it to, who to hide, etc..). After you set it to who you want to get the particular posting (I type in “Cafe World” to only send to my Cafe World list of friends), then you “save” the setting. The same for Island Paradise postings (lost animal on island, awards, etc..). That way, you can change WHO you want to send it to, depending on what game you are playing, if you have different lists for different games. p.s. you must create gaming lists before this will be worth it (which you can easily do from your “friends page”. Otherwise, you would have to individually remember and type each person’s name that plays these games every time there is a posting!


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