HOAX: Free Facebook Gold Accounts

The latest hoaxing craze circulating Facebook is groups and fan pages claiming to Facebook offering free or limited time upgrades to a supposed Gold account.

There is no Facebook Gold Account. This hoax has been circulating in various forms for over 10 months.

Here are a few samples of ridiculous pages and groups claiming to upgrade you if you invite all your friends:

Group Name:

Fake Facebook Gold Account

This one is quite funny actually. It’s a group, managed by 2 kids, and they actually interact with the members. Their claims of working on 6000+ lines of code, alpha and beta testing, server resources etc, had me chuckling. They are however a menace…And are getting kicks out of fooling people…

Here is a sample of their BS, where they claim the image/photo cannot be seen unless you upgrade to gold:

I particularly like how they claim “Chrome Accounts” have stolen their idea…

I am sure mom and dad are real proud of these two yahoos…

They were not however smart enough to start their hoax without revealing their real names… Can you say Bye Bye From Facebook?



Hoax - Free Facebook Gold Account Upgrade


Page Name:

This hoax has been set up as a fan page, and therefore the identity of the scammer is not revealed.

Of course, you are required to invite every single friend in order to be upgraded. Oh yes, and then you have to complete a “free” offer/survey before that official upgrade.

By the way, the offer is not free – you will be charged on your cell phone AND this yahoo gets paid for you completing the survey.


Be vigilant of groups such as this. If Facebook decides to offer any enhancements to your account, be rest assured you will NOT be required to join some group or invite all your friends. These type of instructions continue to be a huge red flag that the page or group is a hoax.

Therefore, please do NOT invite all your friends



2 Responses to “HOAX: Free Facebook Gold Accounts”
  1. Robin says:

    I reported the last one you listed to Facebook!!! I wish folks would read your site before sending out those annoying invites … and I can’t understand why folks don’t realize they are scams?!?!? It frustrates me!

    • Kenneth says:

      I totally agree with Robin, I am always asking people to read Facebook Insider for the facts before they send this type of thing to me, yet I keep receiving them.

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