How To Build A FarmVille Horse Stable

FarmVille Horse Stable AnnouncmentHorse stables have finally arrived on FarmVille, and this much anticipated building has been added in a unique fashion!

Everyone automatically receives a stable foundation in their gift box, after clicking on on the Announcement box seen to the left.



Similar to a FarmVille barn raising, you need to have 10 friends click your Horse Stable building link in order to get up the frame.


FarmVille Horse Stable Status Message For Help

FarmVille Horse Stable Status Message For Help


However, you also need 50 pieces of material in order to fully complete the building process.

They are:

  • 10 Horseshoes
  • 10 Wooden Boards
  • 10 Nails
  • 10 Bricks
  • 10 Harnesses

Here is the full process, described by Lexilicious, the Zynga FarmVille Community Manager:

After clicking the ‘OK’ button, you will be taken to your Gift Box where you will receive the Horse Stable Foundation.

You can also purchase the Horse Stable foundation from the decorations section of Market for 5,000 Coins.

Once you’ve placed the Foundation on your farm, you will be prompted with a message letting you know that you can post a feed to ask you friends for help building your stable.

Clicking the “Share” button will give you the option to post a feed to your wall. Up to 10 of your Neighbors can click on this feed to receive 100 Coins.

In order to use your Horse Stable, you’ll need to finish building it. Selecting ‘Look Inside’ from your foundation’s menu will show you what you need to complete your Horse Stable.

When you first place the foundation, you’ll have one Brick already. In order to build a complete stable you’ll need 10 of each item. You can get these items one of two ways:

1. From neighbors via the Free Gifts menu.

Neighbors can send you the components you need to build your Stable. Your Neighbors will be able to send you two of the five types of building components to help you complete your horse stables.

Please note that the two components displayed on the Free Gifts Page are randomized. As such, the components displayed on the Free Gifts Page may be different for each user. These two components are changed weekly.

When neighbors send you a building component, it works exactly like any other free gift. After you accept the gift it will appear in your gift box.

After clicking the “use” button under the gift it will automatically be added to your Horse Stable.

2. Purchasing components from the Market,

You can purchase components required to build your Horse Stable from the Market for 1 Farm Cash per item.

When you reach 25 items, you’ll receive pop-up that will allow you to post a feed to your wall. The first ten neighbors to click this feed will receive a random building component for their own Horse Stable construction.

When you complete your Horse Stable, you will receive a popup asking you if you’d like to share the news with your friends. Clicking the Share button on this popup will give you the option to post a feed to your wall that will give up to five neighbors who click on it a free Grey Horse.

Once the Horse Stable is complete, you’ll receive a Grey Horse of your own.

You’re able to store up to 20 horses in your stable and you may only have one Horse Stable per farm. Right now, you can store the regular brown Horse, the Grey Horse, and a new purchasable Pinto Horse.

Every 24 hours, you’ll be able to collect from the horses stored in your Horse Stable.

Source: Zynga Community Forums


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14 Responses to “How To Build A FarmVille Horse Stable”
  1. Shower Starr says:

    Why are there no boards available as gifts for the Farmville stables? I’ve needed 10 boards for weeks, and of all my neighbors I’m the only one who has them to gift. Since I can’t send them to myself, I’m stuck. Others finished their stables, then the boards vanished. Seems unfair that I am expected to pay 1o hard to get bucks to finish what all my neighbors got for free. I know they say the gifts change weekly, but it’s been this way for weeks. Only nails, harnesses, horseshoes and once in a while bricks are now available.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Plenty of people have boards. I was flooded with them. All you need to do is keep asking friends as their list will change weekly. There is no need to pay the FV$ to buy them as they will eventually come your way

      • Deb says:

        My list has NOT changed weekly!!!!! I can only give boards and bricks! Same with my kids there’s hasn’t changed either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Joanne Dolles says:

          Reply from previous comment: Ours has not changed either, despite Zynga’s announcement that items would change weekly. We have noticed this lack in change also in other games of theirs, such as Cafe World.

          Tip: One exclamation point is usually more than sufficient

          • NATASHA says:


  2. Gwendolyn says:

    can u build more than one horse stable i would love to build another one. My stable has been finished for weeks and they are still sending me material. I might as well put it to use.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      So far, FarmVille is only allowing us to build 1 horse stable. I suspect though that we will be able to expand its’ size though in the future.

  3. michele says:

    so far i have collected everything but the horseshoes. i only need 5 more to complete my stable, my question is i send requests for more horseshoes. and my friends only have nails,boards, harness,etc… no one has any horseshoes. so how do we get the rest to finish when no one has any horseshoes to send.. please help… thanx…..

    • Emma says:
      I am in the same position as you. I can gift horseshoes but not receive them! If you can gift horseshoes, add me as a friend, then we can be farmville neighbours. Once we are neighbours we can delete each other as fb friends but still gift horsehoes each day to finish our stables. Contrary to comments above, my stable gifts have never changed over the last few weeks, nor have my husbands. I fee like my farm is never going to be finished but I am unwilling to spend real money!

      • Joanne Dolles says:

        Ours has not changed either, despite Zynga’s announcement that items would change weekly. We have noticed this lack in change also in other games of theirs, such as Cafe World.

  4. val says:

    keep receiving gifts for my horse stable. however everytime i accept the gifts, they are not on my gift box. they have been lost. can you help me?

  5. sheila says:

    I just need help finding out why i don’t have a gamefeed pg any more, can anyone tell me what 2 do about this. Thank You, a farmville fan big time and need help.

  6. Janette Edwards Sampson says:

    Why can’t I expand my horse stable? Please let me know.



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