Warning: Facebook Antivirus Will Virally Spam Your Friends

Let’s stop this one before it gets too rampant, as it’s a nasty one!

Do not install F’acebook Antivirus. It is a deceptive rogue application that, as soon as you install it, will tag every single one of your friends in a photo in batches of about 20. It then posts that photo to your wall.

This little scam is brand new and hopefully will be deleted quickly by Facebook, but we can certainly help slow down the spread of it while we wait.

This is what the photo looks like:


Facebook Antivirus Scam


Apart from the wall spamming, another obvious indication that this is a fake application itself, is the url:


A valid application is not going to have a url with a bunch of jumbled letters at the end.

If you have been tagged in the photo by one of your friends (remember, they did not really do this – the app did automatically), you can remove the tag.

1. Open your photos
2. Click the offending picture
3. Look for your name in the list of people tagged
4. Click the ‘Remove Tag’ link that appears beside your name

The photo will then automatically be removed from your photo list.

This little scam is brand new and hopefully will be deleted quickly by Facebook, but we can certainly help slow down the spread of it while we wait.


Note #1 – It should be noted that this is not a virus and as long as you are not actually downloading anything, will not affect your machine. It is a rogue application within Facebook, and is only a nuisance to your Facebook account.

Note #2 – Facebook is well aware of the situation and is working on removing the application tags, photos and any other traces from all known variants of the app. This includes F’acebook Antivirus, Facebook Antivirus and Antivirus in Focebook. (Please note the different spellings).

Numerous people are reporting “validation errors”. This is due to Facebook working on the issues listed above, so hang tight for a little while and they should end up disappearing on their own.


Mafia Wars Robbing: New Robbing Collections

Mafia Wars just announced that robbing is returning! For those online early today, you most likely have seen numerous Wish List posts asking for new items. None of the items are available at the time of this post, but according to Zynga, they are on their way soon.

Here are the details on the new and improved Robbing aspect of Mafia Wars, according to their fan page post:

Hey Mafia Wars Players,

If you haven’t heard the news already, we’ve listened to your suggestions and are bringing back robbing! We’re planning on rolling it out very soon, but before we do, we thought we’d shed a little light on what you can expect…

One of the ways you’ll be able to rob is from the Fight Tab which will give you random targets. From there, you’ll be presented with a grid containing robbable properties that are color-coded to show you the level of difficulty in trying to rob that property. The size of the properties will determine how much effort will be required to rob. Going after the bigger properties will require higher stamina cost and more mafia – but the greater risk will yield the greater reward. Finish the entire grid, and you’ll receive bonus exp and a chance for the rare robbing collection item! Robbing will have a 10-level mastery bar for you to conquer, and every successful heist will move the bar up. You’ll receive a cool mastery item for your efforts, and that item will be upgraded for each level you complete.

If you have a beef with someone in particular you can rob them from their profile page, where you will be shown a list of their robbable properties and the stamina cost needed to rob them. Here, you’ll have to proceed at your own risk – the properties for a specific target won’t be color-coded to show the degree of difficulty to rob. Do keep in mind that with this method, you won’t get a shot to bank the rare robbing collection, and robbing from the profile page won’t increase your mastery.

When you get robbed, you’ll be able to see which of your properties were hit. If you roll your mouse over the robbed property, you can find out who robbed you. You can ask your mafia to retaliate or take action against them yourself. If you remember to keep a close eye on your properties, you can prevent being robbed. Just watch for when the properties are ready to collect from, and cash them out immediately to stop looters in their tracks!

Keep playing Mafia Wars and be on the lookout for when we finally unveil robbing. Start out as an apprentice burglar and try to work your way up to Grand Master Thief, and grab exclusive collection items along the way. Think you’ve got what it takes to face this new challenge? Stick around and find out!

Mafia Wars Robbing Tab


Updated FarmVille.com Exclusive Gifts – March 7,2010

For those of you wanting to send exclusive gifts to your FarmVille friends and neighbors, you will need to head over to FarmVille.com, Connect to Facebook, and then access the exclusive list from the Gift page.

Here are the most recent additions to FarmVille.com exclusive gift list:

  • Wood Picket Fence
  • Fancy Topiary
  • Pink Greenery
  • Sunflower in Bucket


FarmVille.com Exclusive Gifts March 7


How To Create A Custom Live Feed For Your Favorite Facebook App

With the February Facebook update, we lost the ability to automatically create Live Feed lists of our favorite games and apps. For all you gaming fans out there, here is how to create your own bookmarked Live Feeds:

1. You will first need to know how to create a bookmark in your browser. If you do not, please consult the help section of the browser itself.

2. You will need to find the app ID# of the game you wish to create a Live Feed for. To do this, go to your Account drop down menu and select Application Settings.

3. Find the game you wish to set up first, and click the Profile link shown on the right. This will open up the app for you. Look at the url that appears in your browser, and make note of the ID# that appears at the end of it, as shown below:


4. Now type the following url into your browser bar, replacing the 0′s with your favorite app’s ID# onto the end, as shown below:


5. Press Enter (or Go, or whatever your particular browser calls it), and you should now have a Live Feed of recent status updates for the app you wanted.

6. Now simply bookmark the page, naming it something similar to “XXX Game Feed”.

To save you all some steps above, I have included a list of popular Facebook app links below for you:

Mafia Wars –

FarmVille –

Cafe World –

Zoo World –

FishVille –


How To Reorganize Your Facebook Bookmarks

For many Facebook users, the latest update back in February has them scratching their heads at how to rearrange and reorganize their favorite bookmarks. Gone are the little icons at the bottom of your screen – they now appear in your left side navigation menu, and almost everyone has realized those links do not move up and down, as we were once able to drag them before.

Here is how to drag your bookmarks back to the order you wish them to be:

How To Drag Facebook Bookmarks1. Select Application Settings from your Account drop down menu.

2. Choose Bookmarked from your Show drop down menu as shown to the right.

3. Drag any of your bookmarks to the position you wish them to appear, keeping in mind the top 3 will show above the ‘more’ link in your left navigation menu.

That’s it – you are done Enjoy your new bookmark order!

Note: I had this tutorial planned out last week, but completely forgot to actually post it. Thanks definitely go out to Insider reader Howie for reminding me


FarmVille Dog Coming Soon?

We’ve been asking and anxiously waiting the announcement… And it looks like it may finally be coming soon – dogs on FarmVille.

For those of you who may have not noticed, or were not aware of what the following picture is, we are fairly confident it is a dog hiding behind that curtain!

Let’s hope Zynga makes this little gem attainable by all players – and free.

FarmVille Dogs Coming Soon