FrontierVille Buildings: Chicken Coop

Here are all the details released so far about FrontierVille’s Chicken Coop:

To Purchase & Build:

Purchase: Market
Cost: 30 Wood + 20,000 Coins
Bonus: receive 24 XP when you purchase and place onto your homestead
Requirements to Build: 15 Paint Bucket, 15 Hammer, 15 Hand Drill, 15 Brick, 15 Nail, 33 Energy and 265 Wood


The Chicken Coop can be customized via the Walls, Roof, Trim and Details.

Crafting Workbench:

Your crafting workbench is found inside the Chicken Coop and can be accessed by clicking on ‘Go Inside’. The items you can craft inside the Chicken Coop are:

Comforter: requires 15 Cloth + 3 Downy Feathers

Note: Downy Feathers are rewarded when trading in the Chicken Coop and Goose Collections.

Daily Bonus:

The Chicken Coop will automatically feed all of your hungry Chickens when you claim the daily bonus. You also have the chance at receiving an item from the Chicken Coop Collection.

List of Quests/Goals Requiring The Chicken Coop:

– Build A Chicken Coop
- Collect a Dozen Eggs (White, Brown and Spotted Eggs from the Chicken Coop Collection are required)


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