FrontierVille: New Sawmill, Foxes, Sunflowers, Goose & Apricot Trees

Get ready for school! FrontierVille just release new Schoolmarm quests, a nice selection of decorations, a new crop, a new tree and a new building. For those of you having difficulties spawning thorns, skulls, and cacti, they are now available in the Market – for the price of 8 horseshoes… each.



The new crop is Sunflowers, ready in 18 hours and is available to those who have reached at least Level 17.

The new tree is the Apricot Tree. These are ready for harvest every hours and are available to those who have reached at least Level 13.

The new building is a Sawmill. It costs 30,000 coins plus 40 Wood, and requires 400 pieces of Wood + 20 of each supply to build. It takes 40 whacks of 10 Wood each, so get ready to use some energy!

The new Sawmill Collection accompanies the release of the Sawmill. These 5 items can be found when collecting your Sawmill daily bonus.

The new animal is a Goose. The are fed every 3 hours as adults and are available to those who have reached at least Level ?.

There are new quests also released, which will be detailed in our on-going FrontierVille Quest Guide.


For those of you who are constantly loosing your spouse and/or child, the new Dinner Bell, when rung, will call everyone out of hiding – including your neighbors! This handy little addition is available at the Market for 5 Horseshoes.






There is a new varmint to harass your efforts; the Fox. Foxes are spawned when feeding your Chickens or Geese, but be careful – they eat them! The fox also drops items for the new Fox Collection.


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