FrontierVille Quest Guide – What You Need To Know To Plan Ahead

FrontierVille Step By Step Quest Guide

Spoiler Alert!

The following post details each FrontierVille quest, allowing you to plan ahead when playing the game. If you do not wish to know what quests lay ahead of you, please do not read

Want to know what lies ahead in FrontierVille? Want to make sure you are stocking the required supplies in order to level up quickly? Then keep reading!

Below you will find a detailed listing of each quest, in the approximate order you will come across it. The order is not 100% exact, as each player will complete the order slightly differently, but this will give you a solid idea of what to expect. These quests are also not Level specific. Leveling is based on the accumulation of experience only, whereas new quests are provided to you based on the completion of previous ones first.

We will update this post as we reach new quests, and when possible have detailed what rewards are earned at each stage. Be sure to bookmark this post in order to check back often for new updates!

Note #1: The first few quests are not included as they are simple tutorials that the game provides, and we did not feel they needed any explanation here.

Note #2: Last updated June 16, 2010 and includes quests up to around the Level 22 range.

Clear The Land
Rewards: ??


  1. Clear Three Grass
  2. Chop Down Two Trees
    • Only trees requiring 2 or more chops count for missions
  3. Clear One Rock

Find Lost Sheep
Rewards: 100 gold + 6 XP


  1. Find Your Sheep and Feed it

Start Building A Cabin
Rewards: 250 gold + 8 XP


  1. Buy a Cabin at the Market – this costs 4 Wood
  2. Whack the Framework Three Times
    • this requires 3 energy and 18 pieces of Wood to complete

Prepare The Harvest
Rewards: 500 gold + 10 XP + 40 Food


  1. Buy One Fruit Tree at the Market
    • requires Gold
  2. Buy One Pig at the Market
    • pigs cost 365 Gold
  3. Plant Seven Crops
    • requires Gold

Visit Your Neighbors
Rewards: 400 gold + 20 XP


  1. Visit Two Neighbors
    • be sure to collect Reputation hearts when completing up to 5 tasks
  2. Have Ten Cloth
    • cloth is rewarded when visiting your neighbors daily

Finish The Cabin
Rewards: 400 gold + 25 XP


1. Finish the Cabin

  • requires 1 Hammer, 1 Nail, 1 Brick, 1 Hand Drill and 1 Paint Bucket

Prepare The Ground
Rewards: 100 gold + 20 XP


  1. Clear Seven Grass
  2. Clear One Skull
  3. Clear Two Rocks

Move Lost Sheep
Rewards: 20 Food + 10 XP


  1. Move Your Sheep
    • to move your sheep, click the Move tool, then your sheep. Place it where you wish, then click the Grey tool arrow to save it.
  2. Own or Buy Four Fences
    • these can be purchased or gifted to you and can be of any style.

Customize Your Cabin
Rewards: 100 gold + 25 XP


  1. Customize Your Cabin
    • To customize, click on your Cabin, select Customize and have fun!

Spruce Things Up
Rewards: 300 gold + 40 XP


  1. Buy Two Hay Bales at the Market
    • hay bales cost 100 each
  2. Buy One Pitchfork at the Market
    • pitchforks cost 400 each
  3. Buy Three Other Decorations
    • choose any additional 3 items from the Decorations

Get Married – Step 1: Make Progress
Rewards: 40 XP


  1. Plant Twelve Crops
  2. Have 2000 Coins (gold)
  3. Buy Three Chickens at the Market
    • chickens cost 75 each

Get Married – Step 2: Build Up
Rewards: 400 gold + 50 XP


  1. Clear Eight Grass
  2. Build a General Store
    • requires a total of 71 Wood and 3 Hammers, 3 Nails, 3 Bricks, 3 Hand Drills and 3 Paint Buckets

Get Married – Step 3: Prosperity
Rewards: 50 XP


  1. Grow or Gather Food
    • you just need to have at least 150 Food stored up
  2. Have 3500 Coins (gold)
  3. Buy One Cow
    • cows cost 765 gold in the Market

Get Married – Step 4: Fancy Duds
Rewards: 50 XP


  1. Have Four Sets of Clothes
    • craft clothes in your Cabin using cloth and coins
    • each piece of clothes requires 6 cloth and 500 coins
  2. Have Four Ribbons

Get Married – Step 5: Pop The Question
Rewards: 75 XP + A Spouse + Increase Max Energy


  1. Have Two Fancy Outfits
    • these are crafted inside your General Store using Ribbon and Clothes
    • each Fancy Outfit requires 2 Ribbons and 2 Clothes
  2. Get One Bouquet
    • Complete the Wildflower collection to earn a Bouquet

Lay In Supplies
Rewards: 200 gold + 6 XP


  1. Have 25 Wood
  2. Have 50 Food

Keep On Farming
Rewards: 55 XP


  1. Plant 25 Crops
  2. Harvest 25 Crops

Make Medicinal Tea
Rewards: 3 Energy + 50 XP


  1. Own One Clover Tea
    • found when harvest Clover crops
  2. Own Two Mushrooms
    • found when clearing your land
  3. Own Two Purple Flowers
    • found when clearing Wildflowers

Lay In Firewood
Rewards: 35 XP


  1. Buy One Forest Saw at the Market
    • forest saw will cost 3500 gold
  2. Cut More Wood
    • store up at least 50 pieces of Wood

Time For Breakfast
Rewards: 50 XP


  1. Buy a Breakfast Meal
    • available under the Energy tab in the Market for 50 Food
  2. Harvest 12 Crops

Do Family Chores
Rewards 25 XP + 10 Wood + ??


  1. Have Your Spouse Chop Down Three Trees
    • to toggle between your spouse and your own avatar, click the avatar to place the blue star above the head of the player you wish to be using
    • if you cannot find your spouse, open your Family Album, click your spouse, click Customize, then click Play. Your spouse will then walk from where ever they are hidden.
  2. Have Your Spouse Feed Ten Chickens

Make An Orchard
Rewards: unknown


  1. Plant Two Fruit Trees
  2. Have Six Fruit Trees
    • these trees can either be purchased or gifted to you

Prepare To Build A Crib
Rewards: ??


  1. Craft Six Planks
    • planks are crafted inside your Wagon using using 5 Wood + 250 gold each
    • 3 planks can also earned when completing the Pine Tree Collection
  2. Have Two Tools
    • tools are gifted to your wall when neighbors visit your homestead or Hire you.
  3. Build a Barn
    • the barn framework costs 12 Wood and requires 110 Wood + 4 Nails, 4 Hammers, 4 Bricks, 4 Hand Drills and 4 Paint Buckets to complete

Clear Out The Grass/Keep The Land Clean
Rewards: 50 XP


  1. Buy One Goat
    • goats cost 195 gold
  2. Clear 25 Grass

Get Ready For Baby


  1. Craft A Crib
    • Using barn, craft 2 sawhorses using 6 planks and 2 tools
    • Using barn, craft crib using 2 sawhorses and 5 cloth
  2. Gather 5000 coins

Care For Your Child


  1. Gather 400 Food
  2. Craft 5 Clothes – Req’d 3000 coins + 30 cloth
    • Using your cabin, create clothes using 6 cloth + 500 coins per 1 set of clothes
  3. Find a Warm Wool Coat
    • Warm Wool Coats are found when harvesting Sheep

A Thorny Problem
Rewards: 1000 gold and 25 XP


  1. Have Your Child Clear 5 Thorns
    • remember to toggle over to your child’s avatar before clearing!
    • if you have already cleared all of your thorns, they will grow back. It may take a few days though.
  2. Have Your Child Clear 1 Cactus
    • remember to toggle over to your child’s avatar before clearing!
    • if you have no cactus, wait about a day and a new one will appear somewhere on your homestead.

Rewards: 2000 gold + 50 XP


  1. Buy a School House at the Market
    • The School House frame costs 22 Wood
  2. Finish the School House
    • You will need 156 Wood and 8 Nails, Bricks, Hand Drills, Hammers & Paint Buckets to complete

Rewards: 1000 gold + 25 XP


  1. Clear Four Stumps

Get Ready To Bake – Step 1: Ingredients
Rewards: 35 XP


  1. Plant 30 Pumpkins
    • you will need 1500 gold in order to plant the crop
  2. Buy 1 Cow
    • a cow costs 765 gold in the Market

Get Ready To Bake – Step 2: Ready The Kitchen
Rewards: 500 gold + 75 XP


  1. Buy an Inn at the Market
    • the Inn framework costs 25 Wood to purchase
  2. Finish The Inn
    • the Inn takes 210 Wood to build and 10 of each building supply (Bricks, Nails, Hammers, Hand Drills and Paint Buckets)

Start Ranching


  1. Buy 6 Sheep
    • each sheep costs 280 = 1680 gold total
  2. Sell 6 Adult Sheep
    • to sell your sheep, click the Delete tool, then your adult sheep, and they will each sell for 300 gold

Pig Farming
Rewards: ??


  1. Buy 9 Pigs
    • pigs cost 365 gold each = 3285 gold required
  2. Sell 9 Adult Pigs
    • to sell your pigs, click the Delete tool, then your adult pigs, and they will each sell for 415 gold + 45 Food

Fill The Pockets
Rewards: 100 Wood + 50 XP


  1. Have 2 Bees
    • Bees are found when harvesting Clover
  2. Have 2 Arrowheads
    • Arrowheads are found when clearing land
  3. Have 2 Peanut Shells
    • Peanut Shells are left behind by Gophers

Eat Your Veggies
Rewards: 7 Energy + 75 XP


  1. Harvest 20 Corn
  2. Harvest 20 Peas
  3. Harvest 20 Potatoes

Eat Your Fruit
Rewards: ??


  1. Water or Harvest Cherry Trees 24 Times
  2. Water or Harvest Apple Trees 12 Times
  3. Water or Harvest Peach Trees 6 Times


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for posting this! I have some higher level friend and know that the next quests involve selling pigs and planting flax. Any details?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      As soon as we have reached each quest, we will post the details. This way I can ensure the info we are providing is correct, and/or ensure any errors are strictly my mistake

      Stay posted!

      • Jennifer says:


  2. Chad says:

    Uhmm i totally confused where is the move tool???

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      The Move tool is located at the bottom right of your screen, under the gray arrow tab. There you will find your Move, Rotate and Delete tools.

  3. emt training says:

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  4. Jessica says:

    Hey! They must’ve updated the eat your veggies quest. It now requires you to harvest 20 of each.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Yes, I just saw that too when I went to check on my own quota. I have updated the post

  5. uga says:

    I’m stuck at “Care For Your Child” – i can’t get wool coat… I’ve harvested my sheeps for many times and nothing…

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Try putting the Wool Coat on your Wish List… Maybe you will have a neighbor with an extra one they can send you

  6. Mary says:

    Where can u find extra energy? I’m having a hard time doing certain quests because i use up all my energy fast.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      You can purchase additional energy in the Market. You also gain energy when visiting your neighbors, and quite often from harvesting trees; especially the Cherry Trees.

  7. Fio says:

    Hi thereee, thanks for this info I found a link in japanese or chinese where you can see an image of all the quests buuuut I don’t know if it’s ok to share the link here (in an italian website they didn’t let me and I think they are getting the info from your site hahaha), tell me if it’s ok I’ll share the link
    greetings from Mexico!

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Hi Fio… Can you send me the details of the link and the italian website that rejected it, to me via the Contact Us page? I can then take a peek


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