FrontierVille Buildings: School House & Lessons

Here are all the details released so far about FrontierVille’s School House:

To Purchase & Build:

Purchase: Market
Cost: 22 Wood + 5000 Coins
Bonus: receive 18 XP when you purchase and place onto your homestead
Requirements to Build: 8 Paint Bucket, 8 Hammer, 8 Hand Drill, 8 Brick, 8 Nail, 30 Energy and 150 Wood


The School House can be customized via the Walls, Roof, Trim and Details.

Daily Bonus:

The School House drops a variety of Daily Bonuses, such as Wood, Coins, Food, Energy and items from the School House Collection.

List of Quests/Goals Requiring The School House:

– Get Ready For The Schoolmarm

Schoolhouse Lessons

Lessons are what replace the usual Crafting Workbench we are used to seeing in other buildings. The lessons all provide us with different “boosts” to tasks we do around the homestead. This is the complete list to date:

Show And Tell:
Cost: 500 Coins + 1 Ribbon + 1 of each School Supply
Bonus: Greater chance at getting collectibles



Costs 100 Food + 2 Ribbons + 2 of each School Supply
Bonus: Clearing debris might drop energy



Costs 150 Food + 4 Ribbons + 5 of each School Supply
Bonus: Trees yield extra wood when cut down



Costs 1000 Coins + 6 Ribbons + 5 of each School Supply
Bonus: 5% Discount at the market



Costs 2500 Coins + 10 Ribbons + 8 of each School Supply
Bonus: +2 Max Energy Increase



Costs 300 Food + 10 Ribbons + 8 of each School Supply
Bonus: More coins from feeding animals



FrontierVille Lesson: SharecroppingSharecropping:
Costs 10,000 Coins + 12 Ribbons
Bonus: Extra XP for helping friends’ crops + 10 of each School Supply



FrontierVille Lesson: InnkeepingInnkeeping:
Costs 400 Food + 12 Ribbons + 10 of each School Supply
Bonus: More visitors allowed at one time on your homestead



FrontierVille Lesson: IrrigationIrrigation:
Costs 50,000 Coins + 15 Ribbons + 12 of each School Supply
Bonus: More coin from harvesting crops



Costs 100,000 Coins + 20 Ribbons
Bonus: Crops harvest for extra XP



When entering the school, the chalk board now looks like:



Once you choose the lesson you wish to purchase, you will then find it on your Enrolled tab:



Click the Learn button to find out how many supplies you will need to complete the class. This feature works the same as the building supplies do for the other buildings, but use the new School Supplies instead. (Quill Pen, Slate, Ink Well, Spitball and Chalk)



Once you Finish collecting the required number of School Supplies, your lesson will now appear under the Completed tab of the Schoolhouse:



Complete as many lessons as you wish, in what ever order you wish.

We will update this list if and/or when more lessons are added.

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31 Responses to “FrontierVille Buildings: School House & Lessons”
  1. JuJuBee says:

    *All* of these lessons require various amounts of all school supplies, in addition to the ribbons listed… I bought Rithmatic, and it took 5 of each school supply.

  2. oscar says:

    When completed the Recess lesson you get a lousy +2 max energy…..
    In my opinion not worthy at all.

    • Matt says:

      It only gave me +1 max energy at lvl 41

    • Kimberly says:

      Anyone ese having a problem with their energy increasing after learning this lesson? I have gained three levels since I completed it and my energy hasn’t moved. I only got one bump in energy from the lesson.

  3. JuJuBee says:

    Woodcutting takes 5 each of school supply to finish also.

  4. David says:

    I been playing for a while now.. level 41.. why cant i get into school yet.. i built the school.. but it just keeps coming up school is out…

    • Donna says:

      I also have this problem, built school and still says, schools out, level 26, people r way below me doing them, do i have to build another, grrrrr…=)~ im hooked but stuck..lmao!

    • janet says:

      I am having the same problem….. done the tasks, yet still wont let the school open, would appreciate any feedback… thanks x

      • Monica says:

        You have to finish Fannys quest. Like making her the dinner, cakes and stuff. then she will send you a letter saying shes on her way. there is like 5 quest to do.

    • bre says:

      I have the same problem. Have you been able to get into the school yet? What are the steps needed to get into the school?

  5. says:

    well it cost so much school supplies….
    im now level 22….

  6. JuJuBee says:

    Recess takes 8 of each school supply to finish.

  7. JuJuBee says:

    RE: Irrigation Lesson. The bonus it gives is a fantastic 20% increase in the payout price for crops, so if you farm a lot, you’ll make up 50,000 coin purchase price pretty fast. For example, that’s only 173 peanut harvests to break even…

  8. JuJuBee says:

    RE: Harvesting Lesson. The bonus it gives is +1 extra XP when you plant anything, and +1 XP whenever you harvest. Not too shabby.

  9. Caroline Marie says:

    I completed the recess lesson and didn’t get anything! My energy was 0 when I completed it and it’s still 0 energy! Did this happen to anyone else??

  10. MILLIE says:

    Yardwork you’ve posted:
    Bonus: Clearing debris might not cost energy

    The lesson uses the words “might drop” not “not cost”. While the word “drop” might confuse some, it actually means the “give” in the game. When you get a bonus or coins or energy or a collectible from some activity performed on an object, the object is said to “drop” those items.

    So in this case, successful completion of the lesson would mean that when you clear the land the game might GIVE you, or drop, a bonus lightning bolt of energy. As do some trees now, depending on the weather.

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Thanks for letting me know. They changed the wording on quite a few things over the past few days, and I didn’t see that one. For example, the Quill is now in Ink Pen…lol

  11. Sciencemomma says:

    Be careful that you save a lesson for your kid to do their homework–I had already completed all the lessons when this quest came up and now I can’t finish it unless they release new lessons

  12. Glenn says:

    How do I get the school started? It is built and the cow of a teacher is fed. What do I need to do to start classes?
    Thx in advance!

  13. Caroline says:

    How many school supplies are needed for the harvesting lesson?

    • Joanne Dolles says:

      Awk! I can’t believe I forgot to update that one.. I THINK it was 15, but will see if I can verify somewhere before posting it officially.

      • Caroline says:

        lol!! and I was getting excited that it might not need any after 100,000 coins!! lol

  14. Nick says:

    I was wondering if I build the schoolhouse before the quest were I need to build it, will it still count or would i have to build another one?

  15. Andrea says:

    I completed 6 of the 10 lessons in the schoolhouse. Now it won’t let me pay for/start any of the 4 remaining lessons. Does anyone know why?

    • Dave Van says:

      The lessons cost coin and ribbon, as shown on the lesson screen. You probably don’t have enough ribbons to purchase the lesson.

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