FrontierVille: Send Valuable Building Supplies As Gifts To Your Neighbors

The sending of gifts to your neighbors/friends is a common practice in almost all Facebook games. Gifting within FrontierVille is no different. Similarly, there are some gifts that are much more valuable than others, that may not be apparent when you first start playing.

As I have leveled up higher and higher within FrontierVille, I am seeing that quests require buildings to be completed. These buildings all take an increasing quantity of Wood, easily found around your homestead. Keep this in mind before you chop all of your trees down and spend the Wood on Market decorations. However, each building also takes an increasing amount of building supplies. These supplies are Hammers, Nails, Hand Drills, Bricks and Paint Buckets.

Each FrontierVille player has 2 different building supplies available on their Gifts page. My advice is to gift these to your neighbors on a daily basis. Send these as thank you gifts as well, and hopefully your friends will return the favor. Here is what you will be needing as you build up your FrontierVille town:



Cabin – Frame costs 4 Wood + 42 Wood to build + 1 of each building supplies

General Store – Frame costs 15 Wood + 56 Wood to build + 3 of each building supplies

Barn – Frame costs 12 Wood + 110 Wood to build + 4 of each building supplies

School House – Frame costs 22 Wood + 156 Wood to build + 8 of each building supplies

Inn – Frame costs 25 Wood + 210 Wood to build + 10 of each building supplies


Therefore, as you can see from above, you will be needing at least 26 of each building supply over time. While gifts such as Light Snacks and animals are nice gifts to send, these can be easily purchased in the Market using Food and/or Gold – building supplies cannot. They cost rare horseshoes (FrontierVille’s in-game currency requiring real cash.)

If for some reason you do not wish to gift building supplies to your neighbors, Ribbon also makes a fabulous and valuable gift. Ribbons are needed to craft wedding attire and preparing for your first child.

Everyone will be needing the building supplies eventually, so why not make your friends super happy now and start gifting them right away!

Hot Tip: Building supplies are also giftable via Wish Lists. To place supplies on your Wish List, open your Inventory box and click the + sign under the picture of the supply you wish to add. You need to have at least 1 in your inventory for this tip to work

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