FrontierVille Stats: Animal Growth Rate & Rewards

The following chart details each of the FrontierVille animals released so far in the game. Easily see how many times you must feed before full maturity is reached; how much the animal sells for; and how much energy, food and experience you earn at each feeding.

Please keep in mind the game is constantly balancing at this time, and some figures may be slightly off, based on your current level and daily weather bonus. This chart will be updated as new animals/stats are released.

Stay tuned for a downloadable version!


FrontierVille Animal Statistics 2


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3 Responses to “FrontierVille Stats: Animal Growth Rate & Rewards”
  1. jordan says:

    the goose when sold at totally grown is 310 not 80

  2. Heather says:

    Update Goose. It costs 330 coins now and sells for 330.

  3. Thats pretty good, however please note that goose’s have been updated and they now sell for 340 as an adult.

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