Mafia Wars: Las Vegas Loot Event

It looks like the release of Mafia Wars: Las Vegas is on its’ way!

Just release today, the Las Vegas Loot Event gearing up to the full release, will last 6 days (June 25 to June 30). Here is the announcement you all should have received when logging in today:


Mafia Wars Las Vegas Loot Event


As you can see, there are 7 different Loot items to find throughout the game. Some of these are found doing jobs. Here is an example of one we received; the High Roller:


Las Vegas High Roller Loot


By clicking the Tell Your Friends button on your loot item, you will send a wall post out to your wall, giving your fellow Mafia the opportunity to claim another piece of Loot:



You will be allowed to claim up to 10 wall bonuses, but each one must be from a different Mafia member. The Loot you receive will be something needed for the Las Vegas release. These are consumables. As you can see from ours below, we earned Reinforced Steel:


Mafia Wars Las Vegas Reinforced Steel


You will collect the exact same items from all 10 bonuses. The items we earn are both giftable and able to be put on our Wish Lists, but right now, it is unknown how many we will need once Las Vegas opens.

So far, the 7 Loot items found are:

High Roller

Vehicle – 46 Att / 23 Def
Found in Jobs

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Big Blind
Big Blind
Weapons 52 Att/ 25 Def
Found in Fights

Casino Guard
Armor – 48 Att / 28 Def
Found in Fights

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Stage Show Tiger
Stage Show Tiger
Animals – 28 Att / 50 Def
Found in Fights

Royal Flush
Weapons – 48 Att / 25 Def
Found on Jobs

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Suit of Suits
Suit of Suits
Armor – 46 Att / 24 Def
Found in Jobs

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Viva Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas
Armor – 27 Att / 50 Def
Found in Jobs

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Jackpot Collection Reward
Weapons – 30 Att / 54 Def
Complete the full 7 item collection

These are the 5 Las Vegas Consumables that we know so far will be needed to build our Las Vegas vault. They are Magnetic Lock, Deposit Box, Motion Sensor, Reinforced Steel and a Security Camera:

Mafia Wars Las Vegas Magnetic LockMafia Wars Las Vegas Motion SensorMafia Wars Las Vegas Reinforced SteelMafia Wars Las Vegas Security Camera

We will update this list as we find out more!




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  1. Jake says:

    After collecting 5 Las Vegas Consumables you will be awarded with 2 suspension coil?



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